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Reviewer: VacantSkies (Signed)
05/03/2007 09:49 pm

I thought this was pretty good.  Do you have more written or do you plan to write more about this Regulus Black?  I've never read a whole lot of fan fic featuring him, and I really like your take on him.

I thought you offered some interesting points about being a Death Eater and knowing a Death Eater.  The Death Eaters themselves - Barty and Rabastan - seem to take pleasure in killing, while Regulus seems more like he's honor-bound to follow through with Voldemort's orders.  Similarly, his girlfriend, Nerissa, doesn't necessarily like the murders but she believes they are happening for a cause she believes in.

I liked those touches, especially since JKR hasn't visited those issues yet in the books and I also thought it was an important aspect of her universe that was missing.  I mean, how could so many witches and wizards simply sit back and allow Voldemort to come into power?

Before I get off topic again, just want to say good job and hope you post more! 

Author's Response: This is the first I've written about Regulus, or at least from his POV. I'm glad you like my take on him. I wasn't planning to write more originally, especially since I have a longer Sirius fic I'm trying to finish up, but after deciding I wouldn't, I've had all sorts of other Regulus ideas popping up. So I might cave in and write more, after the other story is done.

And yes, I don't think Regulus really enjoys killing. Jo said he was like Draco, attracted to the idea of it but the reality of what it meant was way too much to handle. So that's what I tried to show. Nerissa I imagine as a bit na´ve, not really understanding what it means to kill another human being. She supports the Death Eaters while at the same time wishing Reggie didn't have to do stuff that left him so emotionally wrecked.

Thanks for reading and reviewing! :D

Regulus Kills Again
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