Reviews For Destiny's Desire

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Reviewer: chizel (Signed)
02/12/2009 04:35 pm

It was wonderful! I read it in two days. :)

The Ship That Sailed
Reviewer: Mrs.H (Anonymous)
05/22/2007 11:54 am
Lovely story!  Thanks for sharing it!

The Ship That Sailed
Reviewer: pammie (Anonymous)
05/17/2007 06:31 pm
wow. just wow. such a GREAT story! i can't believe it's over! oh and btw... amazing 20 chapter submission! that must be some kind of record. will there be a sequel?

Author's Response: I actually had the story completely written before I ever posted the first chapter. I submitted chapters for validation just as quickly as they would let me!

I have no plans for a sequel at this time because with the upcomming release of book 7 I'm sure the cannon will be too drastically different.

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Reviewer: Buttamellow (Signed)
05/16/2007 02:30 pm
Ooh, a potential engagement.  I wonder if Ron's going to propose!  Great job!

A Weasley Christmas
Reviewer: Buttamellow (Signed)
05/16/2007 02:24 pm
Yet another wonderful chapter.  I always find it interesting when author's bring the Veil into their storyline, giving it an explanation.  I greatly enjoyed yours.  Keep up the great work! 

Author's Response: The Veil is one of the most interesting things in the series, I think. I can't wait to see what JKR does with it in book 7.

The Voyage Home
Reviewer: Buttamellow (Signed)
05/16/2007 01:46 pm
Wow!  The Death Eater's built a tunnel underneath the school and to the Chamber.  Wonderful idea.  Also, your characterizations of the Dursleys are great!  Good job.

Author's Response: It turns out that it's pretty fun to mess with the Dursley's - they certainly deserve it! :)

A Dursley Disposition
Reviewer: Buttamellow (Signed)
05/16/2007 01:01 pm
Another great chapter!  I enjoyed the conversation between Nick and Ginny.  I wonder what's going on in the Chamber now.  And poor Flitwick!  Great job!

Suspicious Minds
Reviewer: Buttamellow (Signed)
05/16/2007 11:44 am
Another wonderful chapter!  I really enjoyed your flashbacks through the Pensieve, as I felt it gave an honest representation of what Harry's childhood would be like.  Great job! 

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked this scene! I wasn't sure about it, but I felt like Harry and Ginny needed a bonding moment.

Unexpected Warning
Reviewer: VacantSkies (Signed)
05/09/2007 12:24 am
Haha, I liked "So, you two want to live together?"

Reviewer: Buttamellow (Signed)
05/08/2007 10:30 pm
I found the beginning endearing.  The part with Ron, the hair and his arm was humorous.  The only bit of criticism I could possibly offer is that Ron's speech seems a bit too proper at times.  He's always tended to use a bit more slang in Canon.  Keep up the wonderful work!

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