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Reviewer: shivi (Signed)
06/14/2008 05:00 am
nice start cant wait to read more

Magic vs Arrogance
Reviewer: xDancesWithRainx (Signed)
07/06/2007 03:28 pm
Hmm...interesting. Not the best I've read, but certainly not near the worst. The font bugged me a little, but who really cares. I'll be curious as to where this goes.

Magic vs Arrogance
Reviewer: Spiderwort (Signed)
06/09/2007 10:25 pm
Oh this is very different.  I love a good duel, especially with non-canon spells.  Very imaginative.

Magic vs Arrogance
Reviewer: Cailly Jane (Anonymous)
05/23/2007 08:13 pm

Oh! I love story so far please please please continue and update soon!



Magic vs Arrogance
Reviewer: MIDNIGHTSTARS (Anonymous)
04/22/2007 09:42 pm
This story is quite interesting. Your style of writing is very good and I am looking forward to seeing where this story leads. I particularly liked your story summary which was very unique and attention grabbing. I hope you continue writing this and update soon.

Author's Response:

Aw thank you very much:)


Chapters 2,3 and 4 have been written so will be up very soon:)


Magic vs Arrogance
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