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Reviewer: uvini (Anonymous)
04/16/2007 06:58 am
I   Love  it

Chapter 14 - Honeymoon
Reviewer: Tron (Anonymous)
04/02/2007 08:44 am

I have to wonder if Harry and/or Hermione were hexed or cursed or something.  Both were so out of character in their actions.  Up to the end of HBP, Harry had not given Hermione a second look - why would he suddenly fall in love with her in four months?  Hermione was after Ron's affections instead of Harry.  Sounds fishy to me.

More fishy things to consider.  Why in the world would Harry try to set up Ginny with Draco Malfoy?  He was basically responsible for the death of Dumbledore.  Why didn't he go to Azkaban after the war?  Draco didn't have the influence his father did.  What kept him out of prison?  Again, why would Harry try to set anyone up with Malfoy, much less someone he cared for?

Hermione has certainly been a disappointment.  She doesn't even seem to care for her children - at all.  They don't seem to care for her too much either.

Where are Ginny's children?  Do they live with the Weasley's while she's teaching?

Author's Response:

 Can’t say I’m surprised that you would feel like that. The original story I was inspired by has Harry and Hermione very much out of character, not to mention Draco and the others. The ending of the original particularly burned me up. I personally believe in the canon ships, and wrote in the manner I did in the new story mainly because I wanted it to follow the original as closely as possible, not because I believe in the H/Hr ship--because I don’t.

To me, they’re more like brother and sister than anything else. I like both characters, but not as a romantic pair. I personally believe the author of the original story does, though, and I wanted to show how wrong the whole thing was. 

 [If you care to go over the original story, here’s the URL:]

  I also wanted to show what was likely to happen if things didn’t work out between the AU lovers, not to mention what was likely to happen if they returned to England and were made to suffer the repercussions of their impulsive actions—the lying, overactive hormones, covering up and selfishness—as they deserved. Luna is only the first to lecture Harry, especially for Ron's sake.

 I can only surmise that in the original story, Harry went along with Hermione to get Ginny off his back, and that Draco was her bright idea, not his. I addressed the answer to this question at least twice in the first four chapters. But a lot of the stuff you ask about was not addressed in the original story. Even the sixth book doesn’t say much regarding Draco—only that Snape and Draco took off for parts unknown, and that it was likely to be Snape who kept him out of Azkaban.

 As for Hermione and the children, I depicted her as too busy with her work to care about them as she should. That happens with all too many parents nowadays, so it’s not exactly unheard of…and in this case, the AU sequel to an original story that should have been AU as well, it’s a definite possibility, which was part of the reason she and Harry eventually split up and he got custody of the children.

I also have someone question Hermione in one of the later chapters, ask her just why she acted as she did regarding Ron and Harry, among others…and told her just what they thought of her for doing it. And it's not who you might think.

 As for Ginny, yes, she usually puts her children at the Burrow when she’s working. I mentioned that in at least one of the chapters already up. Hopefully you’ll like the rest of the chapters and how things turn out for everyone in the end. I do my best to make things go in a far more canon-type manner once Harry and Ginny get back together (at least for them)...but it's up to you and the others like you to determine whether or not I succeeded.







Chapter 6 - Things Start Looking Up
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