Reviews For Unsung Hero

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Reviewer: captburke (Signed)
02/11/2009 12:50 am

Sorta like reading the Illuminatus trilogy. Nothing is as it seems, and changes to suit the situation. Dumblefore named Daniel because he needed Harry to learn to be strong and independent. Needed Harry not to feel loved by those around him so he could find out what real love was? Not save the world because it loved him, but because he could. To show everyone that it didn't matter what they did to him or thought of and about him, he'd do the right thing anyway. Sounds plausible. Raised by his family as if they were the Dursley's. Interesting concept.

Author's Response:

Harry's one of those characters who does things just because it is the right thing to do and it's something he knows he can do or at least try to do. I figure he's somewhat like Batman - he becomes what is needed.

Chapter 44
Reviewer: captburke (Signed)
02/11/2009 12:08 am

So Harry is single handedly accomplishing everything Dumbledore had set a number of wizards and witches to do? Story still sounds like a long involved nightmare Harry will wake up from and find out he's still living with the Dursley's and is locked in his cupboard.

Chapter 43
Reviewer: captburke (Signed)
02/10/2009 11:45 pm

Confusing. What is Harry up to? Retribution for all the wrongs done him during his lifetime? Very different Harry than the one I've been getting acquainted with for so many years.

Chapter 42
Reviewer: captburke (Signed)
02/10/2009 10:43 pm

Interesting happenings.  Luna is as always a pleasure. And what will happen when Flitwick finds out Harry is using his snake friends to win?

Chapter 41
Reviewer: Jayiin (Signed)
02/10/2009 02:28 am

Draco is still an ass - one without much brains.  Awesome chapter.  Poor Hermione, though - she has to be so confused about what's the truth about Harry Potter by now.

Chapter 13
Reviewer: Jayiin (Signed)
02/10/2009 02:15 am

Oh, fantastic chapter!  A romantic date interruptd by Voldemort - and a cliffhanger to boot.  I hope people don't look to Daniel Potter for a victory.

And I can't prove it yet, but I think Dumbledore is up to something with poor Harry.

Chapter 12
Reviewer: Jayiin (Signed)
02/10/2009 02:07 am one gives him a chance, do they?  Padma was ragging on him pretty hard there.  I wonder if Hermione is ever going to start sticking up for him - or if she already has.

I wonder if there's more to the Daniel/Hermione encounter than she told Harry?

Chapter 11
Reviewer: Jayiin (Signed)
02/10/2009 02:05 am

Great chapter, as I've come to expect.  I was a bit disappointed in the progress of their relationship; I wanted to see it grow from the first kiss on!  But the dynamic between them is amazing.

Chapter 10
Reviewer: Jayiin (Signed)
02/09/2009 02:10 am

Uh oh!  Harry's in some serious trouble now - though it's no surprise he can become a magical creature.  I can't wait to see what he becomes!

Chapter 9
Reviewer: Jayiin (Signed)
02/09/2009 02:03 am

I loved the Hogsmeade date!  Harry's reaction was perfect - and so was Hermione's.  You captured the first-date jitters beautifully!

The bit the Horcruxes was even better.

Chapter 8
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