Reviews For Unsung Hero

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Reviewer: Buttamellow (Signed)
06/17/2007 06:19 pm
I've loved the progression of these last few chapters.  I look forward to your next update.  I hope it will come soon.  Great job!

Chapter 21
Reviewer: Buttamellow (Signed)
06/16/2007 12:16 am
The last two lines are brilliant.  I loved this chapter as well.  Great job!

Chapter 15
Reviewer: Buttamellow (Signed)
06/15/2007 11:56 pm
Oooh.  I loved it.  Absolutely amazing.  Finally a book that Harry can use.  I can't wait.  :)

Chapter 14
Reviewer: Buttamellow (Signed)
06/15/2007 05:54 pm
*laughs*  I like the last line.  Draco isn't very original, is he?  Great job!

Chapter 13
Reviewer: Buttamellow (Signed)
06/15/2007 04:41 pm

Wow, what an amazing chapter.  The Quidditch match was written splendidly.  Those guys on the Ravenclaw team are obvious prats.  Great job!

As for the attack, I think that it fit in with the story superbly.  Dumbledore seems to be letting people down left and right and Daniel is only proving himself to be less than capable.  I look forward to the next chapter. :)

Chapter 12
Reviewer: Buttamellow (Signed)
06/14/2007 08:47 pm
Another wonderful chapter.  Daniel seems to be getting worse and worse.  I guess that happens when someone has been spoiled as much as he has.  I also like the idea that Dumbledore isn't as nice as he seems.  The fact that he has questionable motives intrigues me.  I look forward to seeing where the next chapter will be going.  Wonderful job!

Chapter 11
Reviewer: Buttamellow (Signed)
06/14/2007 06:18 pm
*laughs*  Looks like I guessed wrong.  Another great chapter.  Daniel seems to be quite the little prick.  If I were Harry, I'd probably have knocked his lights out by now many times over.  I look forward to the next chapter.

Chapter 10
Reviewer: Buttamellow (Signed)
06/14/2007 05:53 pm
Another amazing chapter.  I really enjoyed your take on the Animagus process.  I'm looking forward to seeing where this is going and what Harry's animal is.  I'm also wondering if he is currently in some animal form as he can hear insects and the colors have changed.  Great job!

Chapter 9
Reviewer: Buttamellow (Signed)
06/14/2007 01:27 pm
Ooh, wonderful beginning.  Sounds to me like Harry was actually the savior, but his brother is getting all of the credit.  Part of me wonders if it is all intentional on everyone else's part.  I'm probably wrong.  Great first chapter!

Chapter 1
Reviewer: Buttamellow (Signed)
06/14/2007 12:18 pm
Another amazing chapter.  I love how Harry is still the hero, but is completely overlooked.  Poor guy. 

Chapter 8
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