Reviews For Unsung Hero

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Reviewer: Ham (Signed)
06/18/2007 10:04 am

That was very sneaky of Harry. Now that Hermione has seen the book she'll never turn him in as she'll be too eager to read it.

Brilliant Chapter!

Chapter 16
Reviewer: Ham (Signed)
06/18/2007 09:52 am
LOL you gotta love Fawkes. The bird is awesome.

Serves the Ravenclaws right to have them banned from Quidditch and other stuff.

Loving it so far!

Chapter 15
Reviewer: Ham (Signed)
06/18/2007 09:29 am
Wow... I thought the chapter where he was gonna ransack Dumby's office would be exciting but you did better than all my expectations. Great chapter.

Chapter 14
Reviewer: Ham (Signed)
06/18/2007 09:02 am

*sigh* Malfoy is such a pest. I hope he gets whats coming to him.

Btw.. why did Harry try and contact the Dursleys?

You also did the nagini and Voldemort scene masterfully. :)

Chapter 13
Reviewer: Ham (Signed)
06/18/2007 08:35 am

Ha! I knew he put Blake on the team for a reason! I'm glad the idiot and his team lost.

Wow.. bit of tense undertones in this chapter. The Black letters idea is a brilliant one.

Go Harry! Two punches and a broken nose! Whooo

Poor Hermione. I hope her parents are okay.


Chapter 12
Reviewer: Ham (Signed)
06/18/2007 08:13 am

Oho... the spiders acting up makes me very suspicious about Harry's potential animagus form indeed. :D

This fic gets better by the chapter.

Chapter 11
Reviewer: Ham (Signed)
06/18/2007 06:44 am

I really liked this chapter. It was nice to see the H/Hr relationship moving along nicely.

So Harry has started the next potion... this should be interesting. I can't wait to see the end result.

Oh.. and I love the fact that Hermione refused Harry's help at first.. that was very in character. But i liked how you had her ask him for his help at the end. Very nicely done.

Chapter 10
Reviewer: Ham (Signed)
06/18/2007 06:25 am

The animagus potential ritual was very unique and exciting. Very well done.

I think Harry is going to get busted soon. Hermione is too smart not to catch on.

Chapter 9
Reviewer: Ham (Signed)
06/18/2007 06:09 am

I find it interesting that Harry has destroyed two Horcruxes and doesn't know what they are yet. That's a good twist.

I liked the whole date scene. It was very well done.


Chapter 8
Reviewer: Ham (Signed)
06/18/2007 05:54 am

Merlin.. Cornfoot is a huge prat. It's obvious that the fourth year was a family friend or something.

I'm also really liking the H/H/r intercations.

Chapter 7
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