Reviews For Unsung Hero

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Reviewer: Buttamellow (Signed)
06/27/2007 01:19 pm

Ahh, so the mystery unravels concerning Harry's form.  I really enjoyed the description you gave regarding it; I truly think that it fits Harry in this fic. 

Dumbledore still seems rather dense where Harry's family is concerned.  I'm shocked that he didn't even make a move at trying to get Harry's family to spend time with him, other than to get him to come downstairs.  I look forward to the next chapters.  Great job!

Chapter 27
Reviewer: Cyborg (Signed)
06/23/2007 02:58 am

Amazing! I absolutely love this story. The dialogue and narrative flows well and the characters have life of their own. Their actions never really deviate from the personality that you've given them and it adds a lot to the story.

I like the fact that even though i dont know how it is going to play out, Harry cannot easily accept what Hermione was forced to do with Daniel. Unfaithfullness (in any way that it happens to pan out) is a hard thing to swallow and forgive.

I shall recommend this fic in the forums. Love it! Keep it up.

Chapter 32
Reviewer: Buttamellow (Signed)
06/22/2007 10:51 am
Oorjit is funny and I just adore the characterization of Myrtle.  She's very open with her compliments.  *grins*  I am intrigued as to what Harry's animagus form will be.  And the ending to the chapter was great. 

Chapter 24
Reviewer: Buttamellow (Signed)
06/20/2007 06:21 pm
Wow.  Amazing chapter.  I know I continue to say it, but it's true.  I love how Harry keeps saying that the bridge has been burned.  It's hard to so easily forgive someone when they are as ignorant and blind as Dumbledore has been in this fic.  Daniel continues to be a prat, it seems and I look forward to watching him get his own soon.  Well, I'm on to the next chapter!

Chapter 23
Reviewer: Buttamellow (Signed)
06/20/2007 05:57 pm
Another amazing chapter.  I'm so glad to see that you updated.  I can't wait to read the rest.  Wonderful job! 

Chapter 22
Reviewer: Ham (Signed)
06/18/2007 11:26 am

Evil cliffie ending!! That's really mean.

Besides that great chapter. It was nice to see that Harry has managed to make such an advanced Time Turner.

I eagerly await the next chapter. :)

Chapter 21
Reviewer: Ham (Signed)
06/18/2007 11:15 am

It just keeps on getting better and better.

Harry should have socked Dumby one for calling him a Death eater. The sanctimonious old coot!

I like that Hermione is willing to break major rules and go against Dumbledore's orders for Harry. It shows that she puts him above everybody else. Wonderful chapter.

Chapter 20
Reviewer: Ham (Signed)
06/18/2007 10:57 am

Another brilliant chapter. I'm honestly starting to hate daniel and I hope that he gets all the misery he heaps on Harry back double fold.

I was very sad to see Serion killed off. He was such a interesting character. He probably saved Harry's life too.

The scene with Draco in the infirmary was very funny. Go Hermione!

Chapter 19
Reviewer: Ham (Signed)
06/18/2007 10:41 am

That was some chapter. For a second there I thought Harry was done for. Very good scene.

Daniel is really beginning to irritate me. Next time he gets in trouble with Voldy Harry should just let him die. Bloody attention seeking prat.

Chapter 18
Reviewer: Ham (Signed)
06/18/2007 10:27 am

Hmm... destroying the Horcrux was never going to be easy. I'm just hoping Hermione is okay.

Serion's dialogue with Harry was really hilarious. He's quite the character.

Chapter 17
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