Reviews For Retrospection

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Reviewer: Scarlett71177 (Anonymous)
03/06/2007 07:49 pm

Wow, powerful.  I give you TONS of credit for writing this pov- it would be extremely difficult.

 Well done!!!

Reviewer: VacantSkies (Signed)
03/03/2007 09:40 pm

I always enjoy reading stories that portray Peter Pettigrew as something more than just a heartless traitor - stories like this one.  I'm a believer that there's something more going on in his head than simply a burning desire for personal gain, or for protection.  "Doesn't he ever feel guilty?  Will he ever stand up to Voldemort?"  are a few of the thoughts that have crossed my mind before.

Restrospection had a sad ending, but a fitting one nonetheless.  Even though Peter finally showed his true Gryffindor colors (!) at the very end by protecting Harry, it was too little and too late after the other atrocities he'd committed in years past.  While it was a great act of his, he still didn't deserve to live.  However, what really made the ending even better was the fact that Peter wasn't murdered or executed, he chose to take his own life.

Two thumbs up ;)

Reviewer: Night Zephyr (Anonymous)
03/01/2007 08:14 pm

Wow!  I thought this was really powerful! I really liked the way Peter kept questioning everything. It's seemed totally in character and sort of gave Peter as a character rat-like traits - the short, quick questions one after the other, the hesitation to make a choice.

And the ending twists were a complete surprise. First, that we find Peter's facing the Dark Lord not on his own, but to protect Harry, and then that he survives the ordeal only to kill himself.

Very powerfully and tightly written, poignant - we almost feel for Peter (and for me that's hard!), and to the point. Excellent job!


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