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Reviewer: Spiderwort (Signed)
02/13/2007 02:56 pm
'Six feet under what?' and the gun melting--you have excellent ideas.  And George and Fred are fun throughout.

Chapter 5
Reviewer: Spiderwort (Signed)
02/13/2007 02:54 pm

Okay, this is getting a little weird now.  Um, was that phone conversation between Harry and Ginny supposed to be repeated?  And this mad doctor is sretching things just a bit. 

I like the part about Catherine.  Very interesting that she could have been memory-wiped and working as a Muggle.  It's clever of you to have her think she's from another planet or dimension.  I can imagine that could happen to  person who didn't know who they were, but knew they were different from everyone else.  If she had seen stories of alien abduction and series like 'Lost' and X-Files on TV she could easily come to that conclusion.

Author's Response:

"Um, was that phone conversation between Harry and Ginny supposed to be repeated?"

He's playing a recording of their previous conversation.

Chapter 4
Reviewer: Spiderwort (Signed)
02/13/2007 02:43 pm

This is so funny.  I love the stuff the Dursleys are making up about Harry.

"He recognizes our voices and he comes when we call him."--(tee hee) like Harry's a little dog!

And Vernon getting Mrs. Puttidi to donate money to his company--that is both gross and hilarious!

 And the ending is priceless!  Thanks.

Chapter 2
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