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Reviewer: Belinda (Anonymous)
11/23/2007 01:20 pm
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Author's Response: Thank you very much.

Goodbye to Ron
Reviewer: The Resident (Signed)
07/13/2007 04:26 am
The story is well written and has many good qualities and many people will enjoy it. I started reading it because of a recommendation in one of the Yahoo groups I belong to. That being said, I cannot continue reading this story. JKR has put HP through hell for six long books and I read HP fanfiction because it is the one place I can see Harry overcome all that has happened to him and be happy. I can read about him getting away from the manipulations of Dumbledore, the spite of Snape, being in love and having someone to love him. For this and many similar reasons, I can no longer read your story as I see that none of this will happen to him and that you have heaped even more suffering and isolation upon him. Good bye.

Author's Response: Judging a story that has yet to end is a sign that you are either immature or too young to understand the plot.  For both, I forgive you and feel sad that there are still people in the HP Fandom who are close-minded and shallow.  Though it's true that my version of Harry's life is far more grievous than what JK has written, it is also more impossible than that.  What JK has written about Harry--his suffering in the hands of the Dursleys--is a reality for many children in the world, and in my opinion is even more hurtful than my fantastical version of Harry's suffering simply because it can happen, and it is happening.  To the person who recommended you read my story, my thanks for your open-mindedness.

A Shaken House
Reviewer: hp_fangal (Signed)
06/11/2007 01:31 am
Oh, I could starting squealing like some silly little fangirl! *squee!* This is honestly one of the best slash stories I have ever read, and I desperately hope that Hermione's right. But ... Voldemort knows now, doesn't he? Wormtail would be a fool not to tell him at this point, though I really hope he doesn't. Anyway, wonderful story, beautiful chapter!

Author's Response:

Thank you!  Well, I am very glad that you are enjoying this story this much.  I hope that I will be able to bring more--and soon.

 Again, many, many, many thanks.



Always With Me, Always With You
Reviewer: Spiderwort (Signed)
06/09/2007 09:54 pm
Tantalizing.  You set a very grim stage.  I love your Ron (the Knight), loving Harry, and Hermione and even Snape.  Also, Rio seems interesting.

Author's Response: Thank you.  I've always seen Ron as a Knight.  Rio and the rest of the Knights of the Bureau would make more appearances soon.

Reviewer: hp_fangal (Signed)
04/09/2007 03:47 am
I knew my lessons in chinese would pay off someday!

I feel so sad for Cush. Such simple desires that we take for granted, he can't have. I imagine I'd cry too in his situation.

So, I guess Cush really is supposed to be Harry's offspring. His longing is for a parent, from what you described. Lullabies, hugs, kisses... all such simple desires. But you make it out that Cush is different from the other Keepers, and not just because he touched Harry. Remorse, guilt pain... you even mentioned fear and an intense caring in earlier chapters, which I'm guessing is different from what We Peng and Felix were talking about.

Harry has fallen in love, has pretty much experienced it in all but physical intimacy with Ron. From what I understand, that never happens. Defenders have always been Knight's from the Bureau, but Ron isn't. That also never happens. The Defender and Bearer have rarely come into contact at such young ages, let alone being close like Harry and Ron. Near as I can tell, this time around is the best chance of breaking the curse once and for all. The question is whether you will write it that way, or if they'll fail.

In any case, please keep me guessing. This story is the most intriguing one I've come across in a long time. And yes, it was another excellent chapter that will give me much to think on.

Author's Response: Sorry for not responding for so long, got caught up with the writing--anyway...  Again--thank you!  The reviews are really inspiring.  I am glad that the story has that kind of effect on you.  I hope I'll continue to deliver.

Seven Disks in Seven Temples
Reviewer: hp_fangal (Signed)
04/07/2007 07:48 am
... And the suspense builds. This felt more like a bit of a transition chapter, but things are being set in motion. Ron's finally going to get that knight training, and hopefully Cush will be all right. I'm not entirely sure I want to know the answer, but I'm going to ask anyway: Is Cush their offspring? With the physical description and the mention of a paradox, it seems likely...

Anyway, another brilliant chapter. I'm definitely excited for the next one.

Author's Response: ...And transition chapter it is.  This marks the end of Book One Part One.  And the answer to you question is coming soon...  Thank you very much for the review!  ~Six~

The Defender in Végtelen
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