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Reviewer: Gmariam (Signed)
07/16/2009 07:29 pm

I love clicking on something so good as the Story of the Moment! The opening paragraphs were FANTASTIC! What a great introduction, very well written. The repetition in particular makes it very effective.

You painted a very bleak picture of the final battle. I was surprised to see Ron kill Draco Malfoy with his bare hands! Yikes! I really felt for Hermione, though. And of course for Harry. Maybe it's because we've now seen how it ends, but I could never see Harry committing suicide; you wrote it well, though, and made it very believable and sad.

What I found most interesting was that even though he took his life, he still got to see his friends and loved ones in the afterlife. That was a beautiful scene, and a lovely reunion with Ginny.  Wonderful job!  ~Gina :)

Finally Home
Reviewer: Buttamellow (Signed)
03/22/2007 02:56 pm
As I have already informed you, I think you are a wonderful writer.  You are able to capture emotions wonderfully.  This is one of the first fanfics I've read where a suicide turns out as it did. 

Finally Home
Reviewer: Jayiin (Signed)
03/04/2007 10:47 pm

Whoa.  So this is the first suicide story I've read that had a happy ending.


You have a real gift with the dark and twisty emotions, and real skill making your readers feel those emotions in just a short bit of writing. 

Author's Response: Thanks... I don't really know why this one came to me... but it did, and I felt relieved after I wrote it. Weird, eh?

Finally Home
Reviewer: Spiderwort (Signed)
01/09/2007 12:16 pm

You build up the tension slowly, making us feel Harry's pain so very deeply, as well as his joy at seeing his loves again after death. 

I confess that your excellent writing disturbs me.  It does indeed make the taking one's life seem a good way out of insurmountable problems.  I hope no one reading this will be influenced by it.  Since no one knows for certain what can be expected after death (even persons of various religious persuasions have only faith to go on), I suppose someone should point out that Harry's happy ending may not be the way it really is.

 Love your work though, as usual.

Author's Response: I agree. Taking one's life creates problems... hense the note at the end... I DON'T condone, nor agree with the act of suicide. My personal religions beliefs actually do not follow the line that this story does...

Finally Home
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