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Reviewer: pottermagic (Anonymous)
03/31/2008 05:43 pm
I loved all the pranks the twins got up to.  I did wonder about Hermione being so emotional, so i expect Ginny will take her place.  That was a lovely ending.

Chapter 1
Reviewer: pottergirl13 (Signed)
01/02/2008 03:03 pm

This was a great story. Very well written & I liked how you developed the characters. Awesome job!

Chapter 1
Reviewer: Pianochic1703 (Signed)
12/26/2006 09:03 pm
This is wonderful. Well written. :)

Author's Response: Thank you!  I'm glad you enjoyed it and thanks for reviewing.  It's aprpeciated :-)

Chapter 1
Reviewer: DeborahSu (Signed)
12/26/2006 08:12 pm
What an amazingly crazy 24 hours!  I sure hope they'll get a chance to rest a bit soon ... but no, there's a wedding to plan & pull off within the next week, and Hermione doesn't appear to be likely to be helpful ... good story!  I loved Tonks in the fireplace!

Author's Response: *grins*  No, probably no rest for the weary.  I'm glad you liked it and thanks for reviewing :-)

Chapter 1
Reviewer: mugglenet27 (Signed)
12/25/2006 12:53 am

You have no idea how happy I am to see someone having entered this challenge!  And you did absolutely wonderful.  I loved the use of the bonus lines, and just...gah...I don't know.  The whole thing was great!  Magnificent job, as always.

 Merry Christmas, Sarah!  :D

Author's Response: Thanks Brit!  I'm glad you enjoyed it and I think someone else will be entering into the challenge... at least, I heard a whisper that someone else would.  :-)

Chapter 1
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