Reviews For Crown of the North

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Reviewer: captburke (Signed)
03/19/2009 01:32 am

Basic info for this story perhaps? Emmeline, and probably Sturgis, will know Remus is a werewolf. Hopefully they will be able to cover for him if there is going to be a full moon during the trip.

MacNair, being the bas$%^& DE he is, will probably try to do harm to them if he sees them anywhere near his castle.  I'm also betting he had something to do with Caradoc's disappearance.

Author's Response:

Sorry if I was unclear. I assumed that most people who were in the first Order of the Phoenix (including Sturgis & Emmeline) would know that Remus was a werewolf. And of course they cover for him. Order members are like that.

Yes, it's safe to say that all readers, including all fanfic writers, loathe Walden Macnair. I've given him a whole family in this story (a mad old mother, a longsuffering but unpleasant wife, four obnoxious children and horrible grandchildren to follow shortly). And of course he is right in the middle of the Caradoc Dearborn business.

The Purple Flowers of Friendship
Reviewer: Spiderwort (Signed)
12/20/2006 01:13 pm

I love Remus's rationalizing arguments with himself.  You've hit just the right notes of self-deprecation and need.

The last scene is priceless: two lovers who don't yet know that they are in love, or who, if they do, hide their feelings behind their witty exchanges. 

Author's Response:

Dear Mary,

Thanks for keeping an eye on this, and for taking care of me on this site.

Remus is not all-good, but he is facing moral dilemmas that a person existing on a lower plane of morality simply wouldn't understand. I think he does know that he's in love; he just assumes that Ariadne couldn't reciprocate.

Ariadne, with equal confidence, is completely aware of the feelings of both of them, but sees no reason to discuss - or even label - the obvious. She hasn't yet considered how she will tell her parents that she is marrying the farmhand because she has to take her NEWTs first. That Remus might not perceive the conundrum quite in those terms has not crossed her mind.

Thanks for continuing to monitor this story,


The Orange Flowers of Self-Deception
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