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Reviewer: mugglenet27 (Signed)
12/23/2006 07:15 pm

This was a bit rushed and could honestly use some polishing.  There were some grammatical errors and the characters were a bit...I don't know...OOC?  Anyway, I think you have a great concept here - a letter starting everything.  It would have been interesting to see it as a chapter fic!  Keep writing. :)

Author's Response:

Thanks, the problem with me submiting more stories is that they keep getting rejected and I don't think the version of 'The Letter' here is even the improved version that I have in my account on because everytime I tried to change it went all wrong.

The Letter
Reviewer: LunaMoon224 (Signed)
12/23/2006 07:11 pm
This was kind of... I don't know, for me. I didn't find it all that... emotional? I think this would work better as a full fledged fic--as in, put more detail into it, describe things more. Also, I kind of found the characters a tad OOC. Petunia was more like a teen of today, with the whole 'sis' thing and all, along with her wording. James was a bit... I don't really know how to describe it. Not clever enough? Too accepting? And Lily was... too emotional, not strong enough. Anyway, just not my type of story, but nice job on this!

Author's Response: Yeah, I've gotten that a lot in the other sites I posted it in. I can see what you're saying and who knows, I just might turn it into a full flesge fic one day: Use this idea and completely rewrite it. I see what you're saying when you said that Lily was too emotional, but remember this, the person that ends up hurting you most are the ones that are closest to you, just some life experiences.

The Letter
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