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Reviewer: Lionel (Signed)
10/09/2012 04:20 am
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The Tormentors
Reviewer: EnigmaDecoder (Signed)
11/01/2006 12:00 am

Very nicely done.  Your writing is very crisp and clean, plus your descriptions are vivid without being overly flowery.  I truly enjoyed it.

Just one small thing that I noticed.  It looks like you may have misplaced an HTML code in the following:

“Would you mind if Severus joined us?” Michelle whispered to Remus leaning forward slightly. Remus looked a little startled and shocked that she had asked that, but he shook his head nonetheless. “Severus,” Michelle called. “Come and sit here with us.”S

The 'S' is followed by 'everus' at the beginning of the next paragraph. 

While I admit that I don't really read marauder era fic's, the story name caught my attention(for obvious reasons).  I'm glad it did too as I really enjoyed this and look forward to more.

Thanks for sharing...

The Tormentors
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