Reviews For Mental Malfoys

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Reviewer: Spiderwort (Signed)
11/10/2006 07:52 am

Please, please, if you have no time for anything else, continue this series.  It's too much fun!  He's gotta have some sessions with the teachers and one alone with Hermione and--oh gawd--could you manage one with Fred and George?  Frabjous!

Once again, I count the blessings:

Narcissa laying every DE in sight--and running off with Snape! 

"Oh, his tail is the only wormy thing about him..."

(But no word-play on 'peter'? Or maybe it was too obvious...)

"Why don't you let me do the treating? That way, you can focus on just being *the sick little wizard you are*, okay?"

Oh, right on!

"Please, make it fast, though...I'm starting to have fantasies about...Auntie Bella,"

"Ugh, stop it, Mum!" Draco shouted. "Don't say things like 'riding' around me!"

"Can't you keep your robes on for one bloody hour?"

(Hmm--most of my faves appear to be sex-related.  Might need a session with Gildie m'self--tee-hee.)

But the new Gilderoy can do a Finite Incantatem without blowing anything up.  That Canadian school of psychiatry must be good!

Mental Malfoys
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