Reviews For Normalcy

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Reviewer: Anonymous (Anonymous)
03/31/2008 07:10 pm
Hi, I think i was reading this stoy on HPFF before it changed. I think it's really great and hope you continue posting on thi site. I was gripped. Thanks

Reviewer: Elvenlaughter (Signed)
10/08/2006 08:18 pm
Very intense... I was happy that there was a moment when Dudley seemed to recognizewhat Harry had tried to do. That bodes well. And the fact that Sara, who seems like such a sweet person, could see something good in him is also a good sign. I am terribly worried about Harry though. If the validating sort of people see this review, please do your thing and get the next chapter up so we can see what happens to everybody! I am quite taken... Notadryeye, thanks for writing this. I like to believe Dudley may be redeemable, and hey, who doesn't like to see Harry in life threatening situations? *wink wink*

Author's Response: If you don't want to wait for the next can go to and it's posted up to chapter 20 there. I just decided to post it here

Thrown for a Loop
Reviewer: VacantSkies (Signed)
10/08/2006 12:54 pm
Action packed!  I'm surprised Dudley has a girlfriend... but hey, whatever.  I can't wait until the second chapter gets approved!

Thrown for a Loop
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