Reviews For The Love Letter

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Reviewer: slytherin_princess (Anonymous)
09/05/2007 08:36 am

“I knew your family was poor,” he began, “but are you so broke you can’t even afford your own love letters?”

tho picturizing of mione and ginny...eww!!!

good one anyway:) congrats

The Love Letter
Reviewer: James Milamber (Signed)
03/16/2007 12:38 pm

Thoroughly amusing, and very well crafted. I do feel kinda sorry for poor Hermione, though, stuck in the middle of that little fiasco...

Well done!

- JM

The Love Letter
Reviewer: Lionz_4_the_Cup (Signed)
10/01/2006 07:40 pm
Hehe, great job with this. :) Very nice.

The Love Letter
Reviewer: pengwand (Signed)
09/21/2006 09:17 pm
Hahahaha, okay honestly.... that was THE FUNNIEST THING I've read in a very long time. You are brilliant! And hilarious!

The Love Letter
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