Reviews For Obliviate

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Reviewer: Cyborg (Signed)
09/24/2006 01:17 pm

Hmm.... Very interesting start. A nice bit of mystery to keep the readers going. Where is Harry? Who is this woman? What caused Dumby to obliviate him?

Have you held of on describing the woman for now? I'm dead curious as to what she looks like. I like it! 


Chapter 1
Reviewer: Sonicdale (Signed)
09/15/2006 01:05 pm
Sneaky Dumbles, fun Luna, and apparition (which, by the way, does NOT require the use of a wand) for the 'first' time by James.

And Harry is re-emerging. :)
I liked the bar scene. A screwdriver? Ha!
The confusion he had was priceless.
Good work.

Author's Response:

Lol, yeah a screwdriver.  Silly me didn't even know what one of those was until my roommate last year had one every so often.

Anyway, Luna needs a wand when she Apparates to her home because of the wards placed around it, although if I made any other mention of a wand used during Apparition, then that's a mistake on my part. :-o

Chapter 4
Reviewer: Sonicdale (Signed)
09/15/2006 12:59 pm
Backstory and a cliffie.
Good. We've now got the story in front of us. Let's get it going, shall we?
Liked Nora. Hope she stays in it.
Liked Harry/James' ramblings through London.
Leaky Cauldron is dodgy?
Good work.

Chapter 3
Reviewer: Sonicdale (Signed)
09/15/2006 12:54 pm
Sam feels like a hobbit, but I'm not sure.
Nathan? no clue.
Harry/James seems to feel like something's wrong.
I hope it resolves soon.

Chapter 2
Reviewer: Sonicdale (Signed)
09/15/2006 12:46 pm
In fact, I am very curious. I hope this story goes well and you continue to update.
I liked Harry's envisioning of his helper. And his responses were very interesting.

Here's toasting a butterbeer to you.
Good work.

Chapter 1
Reviewer: ladylarna (Signed)
09/14/2006 12:56 pm
Interesting story so far; a bit confusing, but good. Keep writing!

Chapter 1
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