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Reviewer: Aurenna (Signed)
04/03/2007 06:41 pm
Excellent chapter, there! Hope there's more to follow! :D

Author's Response: Thanks, Aurenna.  This is a one-shot, but there's more about Tom in "An Innocent Tea" and the novel "Childhood's End" (although the latter is essentially about Minerva McG.)  Both are posted on WT.  Enjoy!

Tin Angel
Reviewer: Calamur (Signed)
09/05/2006 03:09 pm
This is probably one of the best songfics that I have ever read. Brilliant work

Author's Response:

*Blushes puce*  Thanks, Calamur.  I was afraid the story would overwhelm the poetry of the song.

I did this as a challenge to myself.  I am very hard on song-fic writers because they tend to choose lyrics that are very general and even then don't keep to the meaning of the piece. 

I'm glad you feel I interpreted JM's words well.

Tin Angel
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