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Reviewer: Spiderwort (Signed)
09/13/2006 10:23 am

Hmmm...I have to disagree with Calamur on this one.  You've explained Harry's lapse into bullying very well by retailing all the awful things (all in canon) that have happened to him and the onus of responsibility laid on him by Trelawney's prediction.   (unlike some other writers who say"well, my Harry's a bully--or a sadist or  a rapist--so deal with it!") 

 I sense his anguish  and anger in your writing.   Yet you keep him human--in pain and sadness--as he battles Voldemort's dreadful Legilimency and begins to mourn the loss of his godfather. 

Author's Response:   Thanks so much for your review. I was actually also using the fact that I thoght that Harry was kind of a dick in OOTP, the way he was always yelling at Ron, and Hermione, and even Cho when she tried to appoligise about Marietta. He was not really a nice guy like he was in the previous books. I wanted to convey some reasons for that, also in this story I wanted to do something that JK doesn't do. I write from three primary perspectives. Harry, Cho, and... well someone else that you'll find out later. I think from Cho's point of view the situation at Hogsmead looked entirely different, so in this story, I'm going to convey that side too. But Harry will still be the Hero, only in addition to battaling with outer evil. He'll have his own inner deamons to face. Hope to see more of your reviews soon, and thanks so much for this one.:)

Chapter 1: Last Night on Privet Drive
Reviewer: Calamur (Signed)
08/30/2006 07:17 am
A very interesting start, slightly OOC Harry! I personally feel that he's too noble to mistreat the Dursley's despite all they have done to him! Update soon

Author's Response:

   Thanks for the review.:) Well I'm basing his character on how rude he was to everyone in OOTP. Like how he always yelled at everyone when they tried to appoligise to him. Like he did with Ron and Hermione at Grimald Place, and Cho when she tried to appoligise about Marietta. I like Harry, but he's not by any means infalable, and he did seem to enjoy blowing up his aunt like a ballon in POA even if it was unintentional. But I'm also giving him another reason for how he's acting, but cannot reveal it yet.

   Thanks again for posting


Chapter 1: Last Night on Privet Drive
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