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Reviewer: Pianochic1703 (Signed)
09/23/2006 07:15 pm
Ok, very well written, despite the unbelievability. I was rooting for Cho in the fight, though!

Chapter 1
Reviewer: Cheryl78 (Anonymous)
09/20/2006 01:44 pm

I can hear the "Cho Chang Haters Club" stand up and clap their hands to your ingenius songfic. It is really hard to fill sorry for Cho, no matter how alone she might now feel. Very well done!


Chapter 1
Reviewer: Jess (Anonymous)
08/31/2006 02:39 pm
Oh yet another amazing fic Jay.  I loved it.

Chapter 1
Reviewer: mrs_sblack040 (Signed)
08/22/2006 04:05 am



Author's Response: could you be a bit more specific as to what you found coufusing?

Chapter 1
Reviewer: XxXCrookshanksXxXP3 (Signed)
08/20/2006 09:40 am

YAY!!!!!!!!! Wow Cho is such a cow. No wonder Marrietta don't like her!!!!! HA! That was great, I loved the cat fight, it reminds me of two of my mates who done something similar, the whole school watched it was amazing! BUt this was great It was funny and it really showed both Harry's and Cho's feelings...

And Dumbrid has finally left my house, telling me he would like to write a story!! *Shudders* He was a strange man!

Chapter 1
Reviewer: Madeline Fabray (Signed)
08/20/2006 05:23 am
Interesting "missing moment" from HBP. I really liked Harry's steam of thoughts. I almost felt sorry for Cho. I like her doubts at the end, especially when she asks herself *why* she likes Harry so much. All in all, very nice!

Author's Response: Thanks a ton, April! Glad you liked it

Chapter 1
Reviewer: Lionz_4_the_Cup (Signed)
08/19/2006 06:04 pm
I am not a fan of Harry/Cho, but this one was good. Nice lyrics- they fit the story nicely. Great job on this fic. Now go write some more! :D Just for the record, pit bulls are cute. ;) 

Chapter 1
Reviewer: Ham (Signed)
08/19/2006 02:40 pm
It was a very interesting fic and I enjoyed it immensely. I was very honoured to have this dedicated to me.

Chapter 1
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