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Reviewer: lily 101 (Anonymous)
08/13/2006 09:45 pm
that was beautiful It made me cry. how he only wanted love

Author's Response: Thank you so much. That's one of the best things an author can hear.

I Just Want Love, Mummy
Reviewer: ladylarna (Anonymous)
08/13/2006 08:37 pm
Interesting, but this doesn't quite come across as believable. You have to do a lot of work to convince the reader of a Harry Potter so young and naively hopeful of finding love from his "parents," and if you're making him young enough to conuse Uncle and Aunt with Mummy and Daddy, then lines like "I can learn to keep my mouth shut and endure the sorrow they pour into my heart" are far too eloquent. Make sure the voice matches the speaker and you'll have better luck. Good concept, though.

Author's Response: Thank for the review.

I Just Want Love, Mummy
Reviewer: Unickuta (Signed)
08/12/2006 07:54 pm captured a child's point of view, yet it was exceptionally written...this is one of the few fics on the internet that has brought a tear to my eye. Great job!

Author's Response:

Aww, thanks! I was trying to get that aspect of sorrow with this when I had the whole "My mother doesn't love me" section. It's just such a hard consept to imagine, and I'm glad I pulled it off well.

I Just Want Love, Mummy
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