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Reviewer: chocoluvr (Signed)
06/04/2007 11:43 pm
How interesting, that most of the story is a dream sequence.

Chapter 13
Reviewer: chocoluvr (Signed)
06/01/2007 10:31 am
I like this chapter, but too bad you didn't include the part where Ginny, Ron and Hermoine discover that Harry has been keeping a secret that he never revealed, though he might of been tempted during Umbridge's defense classes because it wasn't his secret to tell.  If he told the truth about a great tragedy that happened the last time when everyone thought that the danger of Voldemort was gone, he would of lost a friend and had another roomate mad at him.  I think that Ginny would of loved his loyalty to his friend like that.

Chapter 7
Reviewer: Jonathan Avery (Signed)
11/16/2006 07:21 am

This was a wonderfully enjoyable story to read. You did a great job of incorporating the relationship of Harry and Ginny over the span of the canon books without any changes. I really enjoyed this story an I hope to read more from you soon. Thanks a lot.

 Jonathan Avery

Chapter 1
Reviewer: destin4fl (Anonymous)
11/08/2006 09:46 am
excellent! i love the way you have presented this story.   no major changes to the original, but the subtle changes have long reaching affects... great job!

Chapter 11
Reviewer: Aelan Greenleaf2 (Signed)
10/09/2006 06:07 pm
Very, very good story. I think I may have read some of your stuff on another site ( perhaps?) and this is as good as the others. This AU is very plausibly set, and I enjoy it a lot!

Chapter 4
Reviewer: Konrad (Signed)
10/08/2006 03:43 pm
Hmm... Are you going to continue this story? It certainly is interesting to read. And I'm just a bit, y'know, sorry really that Harry didn't start with Ginny sooner. As your title says, could've had ages. Nice work so far!

Chapter 1
Reviewer: parakletos (Signed)
09/12/2006 04:49 pm
Another enjoyable chapter, I look forward to more.

Chapter 3
Reviewer: parakletos (Signed)
09/11/2006 07:59 am
Is there more to come? Please say yes :)

Chapter 1
Reviewer: BonnieLvr87 (Signed)
08/08/2006 11:57 am

Yay. Harry and Ginny will get back together? I hope so. :D

Incredible work. Good job.

Are you going to write all the way up, and even past, the 6th year, since the Prologue is in the 6th, but the story begins in the 4th? That's one long adventure for a fan fic writer. :P

Again, great job.

Chapter 1
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