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Reviewer: Ravenwood (Signed)
10/13/2006 09:00 am

I wanted to be the first to leave you a review, since I'm so intimately acquainted with this chapter.

I loved it. I thought you did a brilliant job tying everything down and keeping it all in order. I'm as proud of this as I hope you are.

Only one thing I'd change...the length of the chapters. It's almost exhausting to read all this at one time! But it's still a great story.

Beautiful job. Please keep writing! 

Author's Response:

hi! ^_^

thanks for being the first and only one to review! :D

i appreciate all of the work you did for me!

i know it's long ... it's not the longest chapter, mind you! :p lol

i'll keep writing! :D

thanks again for reviewing and beta-ing for me!

Chapter 4
Reviewer: Calamur (Signed)
09/03/2006 07:28 am
Hehe! Ginny slapping Lupin was very random! It's strange to see a sudden change in behaviour, but a good job

Author's Response:

thanks :)

it is kind of strange, but it is explained in the next chapter :)

Chapter 2
Reviewer: Calamur (Signed)
09/03/2006 07:21 am
A very intreaguing start! Some questions, which i found confusing are Virginia Weasley is still alive, right? How is it that she never made her presence known to Ginny the first Weasley born in several generations?
Otherwise, onto chapter 2

Author's Response:

thanks for reviewing! :)

yes, virginia weasley is still alive.

she never made her presence known to Ginevra because she didn't know about her... Virginia was too busy being beautiful to notice much other than herself and her adoring fans... there is also a reason for why she didn't know besides being vain, but that won't be explained until later chapters :)

Chapter 1
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