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Reviewer: lucillaq (Anonymous)
04/18/2007 10:00 am
I love the changes...

Chapter Five: Written in My Heart
Reviewer: lucillaq (Anonymous)
04/18/2007 09:34 am

Hi - I've only just got back into the fanfiction since the seventh book will be coming out soon. I used to read this story back when it was on then followed it over to Occlumency and it's still one of my favourite sotires. I'm glad you're continuing with it because it was an amazing story.

 As a read I just couldn't get past the part about her being with Malfy and falling pregnant with his child. I like Malfoy as a character, but putting that aside, I think that Ellie's whole persona as a strong, determined woman hit a bump when she slept with him. If she had fallen pregnant because she was abused by him, as a reader, I would have found Snapes reaction to her pregnancy more acceptable.

 I think you've written the connection between  Snape and Ellie magically. They seem perfect for one another - you're a really talented writer and I hope you continue with this story.

 Update regularly,


Chapter Five: Written in My Heart
Reviewer: Samantha (Anonymous)
08/10/2006 04:00 pm

I am really intrigued by this story! Normally, I don't go for much AU or stories with Snape as a prominent character, but you have done a fantastic job of introducing your characters and keeping readers interested. Hmm..wonder what her secrets are... I can't wait to find out! :)

You are such a talented writer. Keep up the good work!

Author's Response:

I am gla that you are enjoying the story. I realise that Snape is not a popular character by most people's standards, and for good reason. However, he is fascinating. When I wrote this story, I had no intention to ever post it or even to let anyone read it. I wrote it because I could not get the sotry out of my head. When I discovered that people wrote stories based on the HP books and that these stories were called Fan Fiction, I could not resist submitting it.

I have read several stories, and odly enough, I prefer to read canon compliant stories. I have also read some excellent AU stories.

 Thank you very much for the compliments and taking time to leave a review. I hope you will continue to follow the story.


Chapter Four: It Began Way Back When
Reviewer: TheMusicOrTheMisery (Signed)
08/03/2006 06:00 pm
Yay!  I really like this fic.  I read it in the queue and I loved it.  I can't wait to see more.  It feels so real!  I love your writing style, even though I don't favour first-person that much.  But the way you've written it makes it seem more realistic than most first-person fics.  Job well done!

Author's Response:

Hello, and thank you! I have about 23 more chapters that I will be posting over the next month of two (or three). I hope you will continue to enjoy reading the story as it unfolds.

I do appreciate your leaving a review. At least now I can tell that people are reading the story.

Sincerely, EllieK

Chapter 1: The Boy at My Left
Reviewer: MercurysMaiden (Signed)
08/02/2006 09:27 pm

Wow! So much to comment on here.

First, I like the first-person PoV, but what was really clever of you is that at first, I was fooled. I thought the PoV was Snape's until I kept reading. I enjoy first-person stories and am glad to see you chose that voice. It's challenging, but worth it!

Second, you've reeled me in. I'm curious about Ellie's childhood and the horrors she experienced, about why she left Hogwarts sixth year and reassimilated herself into the Muggle world. I'll keep reading to get those answers.

Third, you have a great balance here. Not too many descriptives, nice dialogue, good characterization.

I can't wait to read more! 

Author's Response:

Wow! You are so kind to come and read my story. (Now I know someone is reading it!) I'm glad you are finding it enjoyable.

First person is challenging to write. Many readers prefer a third person voice or an omnicient voice. I wanted it to be a biased account through the OC's eyes.

I am glad you decided to read it here for several reasons. First, this version has been re-worked and edited, time and again. I have no beta for this story; she is my baby all the way. Second, I will be able to update regularly here. By the time I am finished posting the chapters, I should have completely new chapters to add on. Third, I wanted to see if the review feature worked over here ;)

Again, thank you for reading and leaving such a constructive and thoughtful review.



Chapter 1: The Boy at My Left
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