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Reviewer: destin4fl (Anonymous)
05/05/2006 11:37 am
ok until that last paragraph i didn't think much of the chapter.  hang on let me try and explain.  first ginny shoves him away and then she trys to tell him he must continue the fight.   harry may now understand that he needs his friends to finish this but ginny dosen't seem to understand harry dosen't know enough about love yet.   yes i realize harry has relied too much on ginny for support and understanding.   that was evident when vodie set him up to hurt her.  harry was so detirmined to find out just what had happened to her, he hurt her in the process.   ginny grew up in a loving enviroment, she understands that when you love someone you would do anything for them.  so far harry has been with ginny because of what she could do for him, and not what he could do for her.   when harry realizies this he will truly understand what love means and voldermort will not even stand a chance.  but will it come to late?   harry dosn't have years to learn this like most children.  by seprating her love from him she may have removed the only source he has direct access to and he might not learn that most important of lessons before the end.   great story!!! -jd

The Final Lesson
Reviewer: destin4fl (Anonymous)
05/04/2006 01:13 pm
this chapter had to be tough to write. so much needed to be said without giving to much away.   and the humor of all those people trying to help ginny and harry comunicate without breaking the rules... priceless!  another question though.  you seem to be a canon shipper if i'm guessing correctly, but why no mention of lupin and tonks?  just wondering...   good job!

The Mistake
Reviewer: destin4fl (Anonymous)
05/04/2006 01:09 pm
ok on with my mindless drivel...   the way ginny intuitivly (sp?) knows just what harry needs in this chapter seems to contridict the latest one.   but after your recent note i see the brilliance of the plan.  i always wondered why dumbledore died alone.  no i mean without any mention of a serious better half.  what was the penalty that he had to pay for his victory over his own dark lord?   yes we can say that he is alot older and yes his affections were for his students and staff and all those he spent time with... but for him to constantly remind harry that his feelings are his greatest strength, why then have we never heard of a mrs. dumbledore or something?   intersting thought.  now that dosen't mean you should work that into the plot cause a much older harry trying to mentor the next savior of the wizarding world while he sits in his tower all alone just dosn't appeal to much, you know the never ending cycle of evil and violence and stuff. that would be to trite.   anyway good story!!!

The Search
Reviewer: jayley (signed) (Anonymous)
05/03/2006 06:03 pm
wow, i can't believe ginny did that. well, if she felt scared of him or something it would make more sense, but she can't honestly think that voldemort can't use her against harry!!! the whole prophecy thing was about love, and now she took hers away-that must suck for him. i guess this is why this story is in the dark fanfic section...

Reviewer: LunaMoon224 (Signed)
05/03/2006 03:58 pm

Arrrgh. *laughs* I would've never thought Ginny would be the one to break up with him, but surprisingly, in this story, it works. And I do remember you warned me not to get attached to the characters, don't worry. *snickers* Poor Ginny. I'm glad she'll be okay, but ergh, she was pretty bad. It's good that Ron didn't explode as much as Harry was expecting, too. Hehe. I wonder what Voldy will do next, and how Ron and Hermione will react after finding out that Harry kept yet another thing from them. I mean, talking to Voldy is a pretty big thing. *laughs* I do love how you do Voldemort, too. Creepy, but in a good way. I love it, can't wait for more to find out what happens! :D

Reviewer: destin4fl (Anonymous)
05/03/2006 01:46 pm
ok i'm going to hazzard some guess's here.   this is the beginning of harry's mistakes.   while he is starting to rely heavily on ginny for the truth, he is forgetting to understand why his other friends and family are not completly honest with him.   first of all as much as we love hedwig, notes deliverd by her are not without risks.  they can be intercepted and maybe even discoded so is it fair to blame the others for withholding information.  however as he distances himself from his support group he's  dragging ginny along with him.

A Captive Audience
Reviewer: destin4fl (Anonymous)
05/03/2006 01:31 pm
ok we know that harry is brave and powerful,  but its easy to forget that he is also clever.   the charm with note was a perfect example why the sorting hat believed harry would have been a good canidate for slyterian(sp?) house.   ginny's reactions show why she is such a good match for harry.  she's just as clever and skilled as he is and understands him better than anyone else.   great story!

An Unexpected Warning
Reviewer: destin4fl (Anonymous)
05/03/2006 01:24 pm
i am impressed with how you have allowed so many of the men in harry's life fill the role of father figure for him.  many times we focus on the fact that molly, prof mcgonagal (sp?) even hermione fill the role as surrogate mother. but aurther weasley, dumbledore, sirus and lupin have shown harry what it means to be a man.   to take responsibility for your actions, to be fair and non judgemental, and to love those close to you.   luv this story!

Holidays at the Dursleys
Reviewer: destin4fl (Anonymous)
05/03/2006 01:17 pm

i'll be honest this is where i almost walked away from your story to begin with....  what brought me back was how well it was written.   the images of death and dispair really did turn me off, i thought "yeah just another harry bites the big one story"  and to be perfectly honest none of those stories interest me.   too many authors are hell bent on seeing harry die or fail.   true while i'm not a big fan of the "super harry" stories either, i feel both types of authors miss the point.   harry is still an ordinary guy, yes he has power and yes he is tasked to accomplish herculean tasks which would utterly crush most with the wieght of those responsibilties much less finishing them.   however harry struggles on no matter what, and that is what makes him a hero.  some have said they didn't like the fact harry didn't mourn the passing of sirus much at the beginning of book six after all the emotion over cedric's death in five.  i think Ms. Rowling was showing us just how much harry had grown and matured.  even mrs. weasley's comment on how much harry and ron had grown, " it looks as if both of you had streching hexs palaced upon you" as i probably misquote i believe here is where harry leaves being a boy and becomes a man.   great story, a perfect ten

The Astronomy Tower
Reviewer: destin4fl (Anonymous)
05/03/2006 11:35 am
luv the  way the women in harry's life conspire to keep him straight!   most of the time we focus on ginny or hermione scolding him but hedwig delivering ginny's emotional response to his thick headness was priceless!   great job!

A Conspiracy Born
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