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Reviewer: forcea132 (Signed)
05/22/2010 06:11 pm
I read this on the Wattpad iTouch app, and I must say it was a great story! I was wondering though. How did Harry and Ginny escape from the dementors and Voldemort? Did I miss something. I'm really curious about this.

The Astronomy Tower
Reviewer: wingnut1974 (Signed)
11/18/2007 10:35 pm

Great Story!!!!!! Are you going to write a sequel, I am a little confused at the way it ended


A Coming Storm
Reviewer: Buttamellow (Signed)
03/21/2007 10:09 am interesting start.  The dream seems to be telling on so many levels.  I'm intrigued as to where this is going.  Great job, Kev. 

The Astronomy Tower
Reviewer: MWorth (Anonymous)
01/04/2007 12:47 am
I really enjoed this story, will there be a sequel??  I hope so..

A Coming Storm
Reviewer: lilacale (Signed)
12/09/2006 04:46 pm
oh my gosh. WONDERFUL. One of the best stories i've read. My only wish - just a short little chapter, like an epilouge (a sequel would be better but still... a small chapter will work fine) please??? GREAT writing. Now i'm off to read ur other works.

Author's Response:

Well, hopefully you enjoy my other stuff, because I don't expect I'll be writing a sequel.  I'm really sorry, I swear.  Things would be so much easier if I would.  But I like my newer stuff much better.

Of course, it might be worth an epilogue to address all the questions I get. Too bad WT doesn't allow chapters of author's notes.  I would be willing to write an explanation of just why its important that there isn't an epilogue or sequel.

But I doubt anyone would care for my silly artistic justifications.  I mean, who am I to be artistic?  Oh well.  If you're interested, email me.  I do respond, I swear. 

A Coming Storm
Reviewer: Bravehart (Anonymous)
10/29/2006 01:59 pm
Could you please tell us why Harry and Ginny are hiding? What happens after this? Is there going to be a sequal? Wonderful writing by the way!!!!!

Author's Response:

There are some answers I can give you.  Harry and Ginny are hiding because they're not finished with the Death Eaters yet.  There is almost certainly not going to be a sequel, however.

Thanks for the compliment.  The whole purpose of this was to entertain people.

Now, as for what happens after that, or what happened between Chapter 49 and 50, you're going to have to email me.  It's far too long for a simple review response.

A Coming Storm
Reviewer: ratface (Anonymous)
09/05/2006 09:16 am

moody is a real arse

An Unexpected Warning
Reviewer: ratface (Anonymous)
09/04/2006 11:21 am

moody is  a bioch

A Conspiracy Born
Reviewer: ratface (Anonymous)
09/04/2006 10:48 am
moody is a pric

Reviewer: ratface (Anonymous)
09/03/2006 11:35 am


Holidays at the Dursleys
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