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Reviewer: bookish327 (Signed)
09/21/2007 10:07 pm
What a fun story, imagining Ron's reaction to automatic bathroom appliances.  Understandable that he would think they're amazing.  What a creative idea to start a story with. : )

Bathroom Magic
Reviewer: happyday (Signed)
02/14/2007 08:40 pm

Great idea!  It was really funny.

Bathroom Magic
Reviewer: Dancing queen (Signed)
01/31/2007 03:26 pm

There's nothing more provocative inthe world than toilet-humor,and this story has got the right thing!

Well done!

Bathroom Magic
Reviewer: ladylarna (Signed)
10/28/2006 11:37 am

Heh, this was amusing. I finally read it because it was recc'd again in the chat, and I'm glad I did (I'll admit, your title kept me away).

Keep writing!

Author's Response:

Hehe, I'll bet you can find a fic with this exact same title on I have a tendency of writing stuff that looks very, very wrong.

Bathroom Magic
Reviewer: EnigmaDecoder (Signed)
10/22/2006 12:41 pm
Very cute.  I still can't help but to play with the motion sensors whenever I see them in bathrooms.  Obviously, I am very easily entertained.

Bathroom Magic
Reviewer: Kay (Anonymous)
09/29/2006 07:04 pm

Haahaa, that was funny, Poor Ron... And Hermione thinks he and Harry are gay, I think? Anyway, sorry for not reviewing last time!


Bathroom Magic
Reviewer: Sonicdale (Signed)
09/15/2006 01:14 pm
I saw a Ukranian exchange student do this in an airport bathroom. He couldn't get over the fact that the toilets, urinals and the faucets were all automatic.
He was only shocked more by the amount of food in a Wal-Mart Supercenter.
Come to think of it, Ron probably would go nuts at an all you can eat buffet. :)

Good work. This got Ron's character well. And you let Hermione get the last word.
Very well done.

Bathroom Magic
Reviewer: graup_hagrid (Anonymous)
09/07/2006 11:57 pm

Ok, not a bad fic.

 A little bathroom humor for Ron.

Author's Response: Not bad? Ahhh...what can I do to make it better, then?

Bathroom Magic
Reviewer: Madeline Fabray (Signed)
08/13/2006 11:37 pm
*snicker* Very cute! Ron's amazement is so sweet and so true to character.

Bathroom Magic
Reviewer: Cruciatus Love (Signed)
08/12/2006 10:50 pm
Hey, Nick. I thought I should leave you a review on this wonderfully written humour fic. Even when I was reading through this the first time I laughed extremely hard, yet you managed to keep Ron and Harry in character the entire time. Having Ron discover Muggle bathrooms and not understand the system fits perfectly-- and it shows the triat of his father in him. Very creative idea, and greatly written. Nice job!

Bathroom Magic
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