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Reviewer: chocoluvr (Signed)
04/02/2007 02:52 pm
Very clever the way that Ginny set it up, so that Tonks couldn't testify for her in case she ever did get caught.  I wonder if she understood the possible consequences of her actions. 

Author's Response:

I doubt she really thought it all through before she left... you'll hear from her soon enough, though ;-) 

Chapter 32: Her Secret
Reviewer: Timechild (Signed)
03/31/2007 03:41 am
Remarkably well done!  I couldn't leave the story until I had run out of chapters.  I hope you update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you!  I'm really glad you liked it that much but I hope you didn't miss any sleep... I've done that and it sucks.  I'll update as soon as I can.

Chapter 32: Her Secret
Reviewer: 007_rock (Signed)
02/19/2007 04:00 pm

  Hey! gr8 story till now though u did leave us hanging!!!!!!!!!  I think i was a bit much for Remus to stun Harry!!!!!!  But anyways I am more concerned with Harry`s magical powers. Though  he is improving I doubt it is enough as Dumbledore said in HBP "It will take uncommon skill and power to kill a wizard like Voldemort, even without his Horcruxes." The power I agree Harry has, but skill isn`t something you just acquire out of blind rage or something... Even Dumbledore couldn`t even capture him. Then how do you expect Harry to finish him?????


Anyways please update soon.....

Author's Response: I know... well it couldn't be helped I'm afraid.  What Harry does to kill Harry will be a challenge, one I have to work on more I think.  You're right, I haven't focused on that enough but I will soon.  Thanks for the helpful review!!

Chapter 1: The Journey Away From Home
Reviewer: Anonymous (Anonymous)
01/30/2007 08:01 pm
You're doing a lovely job with this story--but I REALLY want to see Ginny back with those who love her, SOON!

Author's Response: She'll be back in the story in a few chapters... just hold on a bit longer.

Chapter 28: Her Beautiful Face
Reviewer: Jennifer M (Signed)
01/28/2007 04:59 pm
Actually, this is your best story.  I hope you update and finish it before I've forgotten it.  JM

Author's Response: That's always the trick... finish it before everyone forgets.  I'll try, I promise!

Chapter 27: Particles of a Soul
Reviewer: Anonymous (Anonymous)
01/28/2007 12:28 pm
LOVE IT, you r story that is.... It is SOOOOOOOOOOO good!

Author's Response: Thank you!  I'm glad you're enjoying it and thanks for the review :-)

Chapter 27: Particles of a Soul
Reviewer: chocoluvr (Signed)
01/22/2007 02:27 pm
I hope that Neville makes a full recovery from his injuries and that he doesn't become brain damaged from the attack.

Author's Response: I'll talk more about Neville in the next chapter, I promise!

Chapter 24: Fire Storm
Reviewer: DeborahSu (Signed)
12/29/2006 02:09 pm
Poor Neville!  I bet he'll be an even more integral part of the fight, after this--and I hope we find out what Ginny is up to ... SOON!

Author's Response: Ginny's plot will unfold in chapter 30-ish so you've got a few more weeks until that comes out.  Neville... is... well you'll see.  Thanks for the review :-)

Chapter 24: Fire Storm
Reviewer: DeborahSu (Signed)
12/22/2006 10:49 am
I'm female and "old" ;-) at 48.  I love HP fanfiction, and so does my 47yo husband.  And I love your writing.  And I want to know what Harry & Hermione know, yet Ron & I are missing!   Two spies?  PLEASE tell me it's not the twins!!!!!

Author's Response: No, not the twins and thank you for reviewing!  The twins are not the spies and one of the spies will be very clear in the next chapter.  They'll talk about it a lot.  :-D

Chapter 23: The Spy
Reviewer: potternut190 (Signed)
11/29/2006 05:31 pm
The bit at the end about Ginny's book was great fun!

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it!  Thanks for the review :-)

Chapter 20: One Old Sock
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