Reviews For Trying

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Reviewer: Radhika Malhotra (Anonymous)
07/17/2007 03:29 pm
OMG I loved this story. This was great. You really have talent. You shoould write a sequel.

Reviewer: Drucila (Signed)
03/01/2007 09:04 am

WHAT!? okay, u have to right a sequel! :)

so here are my thoughts -- so when harry was describing Cho, he was really talking about Ginny? but then if he still loves Ginny why did he wait till AFTER he married Cho to find out?? and he had a gloomy face when he returned! but then maybe ginny's gone crazy and SHE is really harry's wife and doesnt know whats' what anumore? lol i think that ones a bit far fetched, anyway it was a fantastic chappie! just gorgeous! :) 10/10!

Reviewer: Timechild (Signed)
02/26/2007 09:10 pm
Nice twist at the end

Reviewer: Elaine (Anonymous)
02/21/2007 05:35 pm

Honestly? I didn't like it. It may be because it's Harry and Ginny and not a happy ending, or because I think fanfics should aim at being fun - instead of making us feel dreadful.


If that was your intention, though, congratulations. Very good.

Reviewer: Pianochic1703 (Signed)
02/01/2007 02:58 pm
Hmmm. I don't know what that means... bit weird if you ask me. *goes to read it again*

Author's Response:

yay! thank you so much! i probably will turn it into a full story though, but at the moment im super busy with school and life problems. hehe but when everything is great again, i'll probably write more.

Reviewer: Miss Radcliffe (Anonymous)
09/24/2006 02:25 pm

I'm pretty sure Harry said that last line with regret and remorse, especially after the whole paragraph where he described "Cho."  It really sounded to me like he was describing Ginny.  I'd encourage you to make this story longer because it really is an interesting plot line and the writing is beautiful and deep.  Great job!

Miss Radcliffe

Author's Response: ooo thank you! thats like....exactly what i was hoping people would say! thats exactly what i meant! eeee!!

Reviewer: Lionz_4_the_Cup (Signed)
06/29/2006 06:19 pm
You don't see many Harry/Cho's, and this one was written very well. I loved the end. great job.

Author's Response:

thanks! im glad you liked it! ^.^


Reviewer: jellybeanbaby26 (Signed)
06/27/2006 07:22 pm
I think the end is that harry realizes that he really does love ginny but she's already moved on to someone else and wont take him back.....and this was a very good story by the way!

Author's Response: o thanks for reviewing! and people actually read authors notes! IM AMAAAAAZED! haha just kidding. thanks for the review!

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