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Reviewer: Calamur (Signed)
08/15/2006 11:02 am
this is brilliant! And yes, Sarah is awesome :).. anyway on to the next chapter

Author's Response: Of course Sarahs awesome! lol. Thanks for the review!

Waffles can be Seductive too!
Reviewer: Calamur (Signed)
08/15/2006 10:40 am
heheh! You made this chapter in a time Harry was suffering, which is pretty crazy, but crazy works for me!

Author's Response: I know... I'm a bit hard on Harry, but whatever. He's okay, right?

Manly Figures and Wet Sheets
Reviewer: Calamur (Signed)
08/15/2006 09:40 am
Hehe! I love the description of the Weasley brothers-- especially Ron. This is so much fun

Author's Response: Thanks very much again! Happy you liked that!

Instead of Dragon Dung, I got you.
Reviewer: Calamur (Signed)
08/15/2006 09:37 am
I love the start! It looks absolutely brilliant!

Author's Response: Thanks!

Reviewer: Unickuta (Signed)
08/15/2006 08:53 am

Wow. I couldn't help bursting out laughing when I read that Ron has a 'teeny weeny'. I doubt I'll stop within the week.

And it's expertly written, too! My, has everything!

Author's Response: haha actually, it's Ron who said his father had a teen weeny. We can just pretend that Ron has one though ;o) Thanks very much for your review!

Reviewer: samm422 (Anonymous)
08/11/2006 01:44 am

Yay! Another excellent chapter! I'm really sorry about my scarce reviews- just know that I have really been enjoying this story. :D

This chapter has definitely been a favorite of mine. Just like you said, it's just crazy! And the crying scene!! I was cracking up with the Lamaze breathing! And Ginny now has her pick of two gorgeous guys (well, we don't know about Harry yet..But who are we kidding?! He let the girl drench his shirt and then carried her up the the hospital wing!)... I'm quite excited for the next chapter!

Keep up the good work!!

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing at all! It's always nice to see these reviews even if they don't come for every chapter. It is a pretty crazy chapter just with all the things that happen w/ Ginny and Harry and Ari. I'll hopefully update next week, but I highly doubt I can get a chapter out by Wednesday. Thanks again for reviewing!

My Inner-Warriors Favorite Word is Huzzah
Reviewer: LunaMoon224 (Signed)
07/28/2006 10:53 am
Oh yes. The chapter that had me laughing nonstop. And *giggles at the chapter title, again*. And I think that I'll remember that particular paragraph sometime randomly and start cracking up. You definitely write humor better than most do. I did enjoy the claustrophobic scene, too. It was rather realistic, but hilarious all the same. Can't wait for more, and I loved this one! :D

Author's Response: Haha... this is my favorite chapter title. Thanks very much Luna! I know you loved that one paragraph w/ Ginny having to teach the waltz to some interesting people lol. Thanks for reviewing!

The Devil is... Naked?
Reviewer: lily 101 (Signed)
07/26/2006 05:13 pm
that was the most funny thing I have read today! I have to say you have a nak for this

Author's Response: yay! Thanks much for your review! Hope to see more as the story goes on!

The Devil is... Naked?
Reviewer: LunaMoon224 (Signed)
07/20/2006 11:17 am
*laughs* Ah, it's this chapter. The one with the bachelors. Nice choices, by the way. And you always have the most amusing of chapter titles. I was laughing so hard at the title for the next one. *giggles at that part* I do love that Terminator reference, and I doubt I'll ever stop loving it, haha. Anyway, yay for another chapter! I loved it, as I always do. (Sorry it took me a couple days to review, too.)

Author's Response: Yupp, its those gosh darn bachelors. Thanks very much, Luna! I think I may enjoy making up chapter titles more than actually writing the chapters lol. It's amusing to read what people think of upcoming chapter names. Thanks for the review again, you always do :o)

When Portraits Attack!
Reviewer: LunaMoon224 (Signed)
07/11/2006 06:21 pm
*giggles at the chapter title* Oh, you're going to kill me with this funny chapters! The waffle part made me laugh especially. I actually think I laughed at every paragraph, hehe. (Well, I think I did of every chapter, but I really just noticed it.) The advice you have is a nice side thing, and it's just as humorous as the rest of the story. Anyway, enough rambling for me. *can't think straight* I loved it!

Author's Response: I loved this chapter title... the waffle thing is in the story for about two paragraphs and then you never hear about it again... oh well. Thanks very much for your reviews! I'll be posting the next chapter soon and sending chapter 6 to you hopefully within the week!

Waffles can be Seductive too!
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