Reviews For Life Changes

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Reviewer: Calamur (Signed)
08/20/2006 03:59 am
I like the start! LoL. I never got around to reading that many L/J fics, but now's not too late, is it?

Chapter 1
Reviewer: Hera Malfoy (Signed)
08/19/2006 11:28 pm

You simply have to love the interesting relationship these people have.

James seems to have 'embraced' the situation quite willingly, don't you think?

Your description of the Head students room is quite nice, and certianly makes it an inviting place. 

Chapter 3
Reviewer: Hera Malfoy (Signed)
08/19/2006 10:34 pm

Bad dog!

But cute as well. I like the foreshadowing of a relationship between Lily and James when he defended her against Snape.

Of course, Sirius would be just the kind of randy boy to time it perfectly to walk in as the girls are getting dressed, but then again, he could just be really lucky. 

Chapter 2
Reviewer: Hera Malfoy (Signed)
08/19/2006 10:20 pm


You gotta love Sirius! But the cheap hair ties from Petunia was expected, if not slightly childish on her part.

I love that Lily got the necklace and watch which were very approproite since the Lily is the flower of immortality.

Good beginning, I'm still laughing about the Lion's Roar in a box. 

Chapter 1
Reviewer: ladylarna (Signed)
08/19/2006 09:50 pm
Ha, that letter made me laugh. This needs some grammatical polish, but amusing start.

Chapter 1
Reviewer: SiriusLuver (Signed)
07/06/2006 10:32 pm

Chapter 9
Reviewer: SiriusLuver (Signed)
06/29/2006 02:14 am
Your story is realli gud so far!!!! I luv dat u made James change..but he changed a little too I can tell your story is gonna get better with relationships..!

Chapter 8
Reviewer: SiriusLuver (Signed)
06/26/2006 03:49 pm
so far a realli gud story!

Chapter 7
Reviewer: SiriusLuver (Signed)
06/26/2006 03:34 pm
awww...dats sooo sweet..stupid Malfoy!

Chapter 5
Reviewer: SiriusLuver (Signed)
06/26/2006 02:39 pm

lol...sirius is awesome...luv James too! ur story is good!

Chapter 1
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