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Reviewer: nessalh (Signed)
07/24/2007 12:13 am

wow. really sad!


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Chapter 1
Reviewer: Buttamellow (Signed)
07/17/2007 03:18 pm
This fic really caught my attention.  I love the change in point of view throughout as I think it makes it all the more powerful.  The ending was just heart-wrenching.  Wonderful job!

Chapter 1
Reviewer: potter (Anonymous)
06/06/2006 12:40 pm
Great story! Simply beautiful!

Chapter 1
Reviewer: ladylarna (Anonymous)
06/05/2006 10:12 am

Oh, that was horribly sad, but marvelously well written. It consumes the reader, the way you write it.

One nitpick: "once and a while" seems wrong. Did you mean 'once in a while?' Though it seems vaguely wrong, that he doesn't dream of her more often. Perhaps, though, that's the cruelty of life.

I love the line "I see you alive." It's moving.

Very, very nice job on this.

Chapter 1
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