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Reviewer: ais (Anonymous)
09/25/2006 05:07 pm

Absolutely awesome. Although it's obviously not a typical one-shot, it doesn't beg for continuation. But it's so good - I mean both style and the plot, pace of developing action, etc. - that I can't help but feel it'd be a waste if there's no more. Especially given that most beginnings, even those of good ffs, are either slightly boring or slightly silly... which makes the one that's not sound like a promise of a fantastic story ;). So, I hope you'll have ideas, spare time and feel like writing more! XD

[Sorry for all the mistakes I've probably made - my English still isn't as good as I'd like it to be...] 

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Reviewer: ladylarna (Signed)
06/20/2006 12:03 pm
I love this as just a oneshot, though you could easily follow it up with more. Your Luna is priceless and completely IC, and I love the depth you give to Ginny. Very well thought out and marvelously executed.

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Reviewer: Lesa (Anonymous)
05/19/2006 04:47 pm
I love it!  I say you should continue it, I love the idea, since despite the fact that so many of the messages in the sixth were about school unification, the most I've seen have been more fate/destiny/prophecy connected action/romances than actual unity for a cause besides defeating Voldemort.  You're providing wonderful backhistory already for Millicent and Blaise, please keep going!

Author's Response:

Thanks for the encouragement!

I've noticed that many people tend to focus more on romance...which is not really my style (however, that may change in the I don't want to back myself into a corner hah)

 I think I will end up continuing it...I just don't want to make any promises on the time frame. I do have more time now that school has let out.

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