Reviews For Make A Wish

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Reviewer: pele (Signed)
07/06/2006 06:33 pm
i love love love ur story. the people in it are so well created  harry has a really good personalty. keep writing!

Chapter 8: This Thing of Yours
Reviewer: KenF (Anonymous)
07/06/2006 06:06 pm
I just started on this this morning.  What a laugh.

Chapter 8: This Thing of Yours
Reviewer: evansentranced (Anonymous)
07/05/2006 10:25 pm
Wow. This is so hilarious. Harry's just trying to have a vacation, and all these people are taking every little thing he does and using it to turn him into some kind of god. I love it. He just can't be normal, can he? Why aren't you finished??? Bah... I especially love the basilisk venom thing. Very ingenious.

Chapter 7: It's in the Blood
Reviewer: Revol Xadda (Signed)
06/23/2006 08:43 pm

Very interesting concept.  One of the best fanfics I've read in a long time.

Keep up the good work, and keep the updates coming!

Chapter 6: A Series of Fortunate Events
Reviewer: dancefreak92 (Signed)
06/22/2006 05:20 pm
This story is really good. It kind of makes me think that Harry does know that people are following him. Please hurry up with an update soon!

Chapter 6: A Series of Fortunate Events
Reviewer: LunaMoon224 (Signed)
05/24/2006 04:21 pm

I loved how you told us that Harry threw out the picture, but we didn't find out until afterwards what it was of and what it meant. Yet another creative idea. I do like this line:

“I have faith that you will figure things out in due time.” Dumbledore nodded.

It really shows how Dumbledore acts, and I think that's great characterization. Very original and great story so far!

Chapter 4: Welcome to the City of Lights
Reviewer: LunaMoon224 (Signed)
05/24/2006 03:38 pm

I do love this line at the end:

“May your dreams be better then mine.”

So true, and it really shows how much Harry goes through. The people's reactions who were following Harry when he allowed them to know he knew he was being followed were great. I could just see that happening, and Harry doing that. Great job!

Chapter 3: Tip Toe through the Tulips
Reviewer: LunaMoon224 (Signed)
05/24/2006 03:35 pm
*giggles* The name Harry was stuck with made me laugh. I really loved how you characterized the guard. I do like how they call him "Mr. Black", and Harry's reaction to finding that out was nicely done!

Chapter 2: The Adventure Begins
Reviewer: LunaMoon224 (Signed)
05/24/2006 03:34 pm
Ooh, using the Make a Wish foundation in this is such a creative idea! So original. I like how you have this story taking place in different areas; I learned a lot this way. Great job!

Chapter 1: Goodbye
Reviewer: Lionz_4_the_Cup (Signed)
05/21/2006 03:17 pm
really good first chapter. i like how you incorperated the "Make a Wish" foundation into the Wizarding world. great start, 10/10.

Chapter 1: Goodbye
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