Reviews For Make A Wish

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Reviewer: Dragen (Signed)
08/29/2006 08:00 am

I love Harry's new watch, I wished I had one too... would make live a lot of fun... wouldn't it be cool if the watch was a Portkey that could take you anywhere, it would save Harry some money if the watch could do that...

Cool Harry can now see without his glasses, but how is that possible??

Keep uyp the great work, and I hope that the next update is not far off... I would like to see whare this story ends up... and I was wondering if you're going to have some romance in the story (Harry/Ginny :-) ). And are you going to have Harry going back to Hogwarts... I would love to see that.

Chapter 25: Doctor Who?
Reviewer: BonnieLvr87 (Signed)
08/08/2006 11:48 am

Very well-written story!

At first, with all of Harry's secrecy, I thought he a fugitive. :P

Why does he think he's going to die? Or is that in a later chapter? I'm dying to know. :P

Chapter 1: Goodbye
Reviewer: Dragen (Signed)
08/01/2006 02:14 pm

First off, another great chapter, I just wish you answer your reviews sometimes, I wouldlike to hear what you've got to say about some of our reviews.

So what did happen with the three Veelas and Harry, we can only guess... and now of that would be true... I know that you would say anything, but it would be fun to say a few things... if not, no matter.

So Harry is going to spend some time with Henchgirl and the Professor on his trivles... that's going to be fun.

I don't know much about Russia, so could you tell me who is this General Winter ??

Chapter 24: Veela can be Friendly
Reviewer: Dragen (Signed)
08/01/2006 01:57 pm

LoL very hard, the vampires think Harry planed to kill their leader, but he didn't, he thought it was a stack or something, how does he gets himself into these things... and not knowing about it... I would be real worried if Harry puts in the afaert, what would he be like then, he would be something that the Dark would turly be afead of...

LoL... now that Harry is something entirely new and unique, I fear that the Dark should be more worried then ever... I just wish that he goes home and find love, maybe in Ginny... I hope you do get Harry and Ginny together in this story. If not, will never mind, as its been a great story so far, dosen't really need love in it... but it would be nice to see... you've given me a few ideas my 4th book that I'm planing to write in the future about Harry Potter.

Keep up the great work.

Chapter 23: The Black Baron
Reviewer: DeborahSu (Signed)
08/01/2006 06:19 am
What wonderful, lighthearted fun!  Poor Harry!  Everything seems to happen to him or around him, doesn't it? ;-)

Please update soon--I'd love to see what happens next!

Chapter 24: Veela can be Friendly
Reviewer: ForeverLadonna (Anonymous)
07/31/2006 07:02 am
I think this whole story is absolutely great. I do wonder if he is going to run into Bill in Egypt though.

Chapter 24: Veela can be Friendly
Reviewer: JimmyB (Signed)
07/30/2006 05:10 pm
This is getting really great! Please would put a kick in about Ginny what is going on with harry, if you can, please!
Thank you! Jimmy

Chapter 24: Veela can be Friendly
Reviewer: dancefreak92 (Signed)
07/30/2006 03:07 am
This is getting really good. Please get the next chapter in soon!

Chapter 23: The Black Baron
Reviewer: Luff the HufflePuff (Signed)
07/24/2006 11:29 pm

this is a completely hilarious story where everyone takes too much out of context for Mr. Black.

 Poor harry. Ha ha ha, Dumbledore and Pornography. Good Job,

Chapter 22: The Valley of Death
Reviewer: KenF (Anonymous)
07/22/2006 07:20 am
Lots of good stuff in this chapter.  I think my favorites were Henchgirl's explanation of why she's the hench, and Harry's bit about the Light Brigade... btw, that famous poem contains a small grain of historical fact and an awful lot of fabrication.

Chapter 22: The Valley of Death
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