Reviews For Out of the Mist

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Reviewer: JPx (Signed)
06/26/2005 11:32 pm
Hey YWG. I really love this story =) As always great work.

Author's Response: Thank you! I am glad you liked it :-D

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Reviewer: Dianne (Anonymous)
06/24/2005 01:23 am
Very cool story! You worked in all the phrases seamlessly and a married Ron and Hermione was neat too. I notice that you didn't really have a dragon eat a baby...neither did I...didn't seem quite right somehow. Great minds think alike too as we both mentioned the Mirror Of Eridsed. I have a story where Harry is placed in a Dragon's egg to save his life as we have some of the same taste. It was great chatting with you as well. This story is amazing!

Author's Response: Thank you! It is interesting that we used a lot of the same things, I admit I'm a coward and haven't read yours yet but I am working up the courage. :-D I really didn't want to enter but got bullied into it, so now I just feel ill all the time... ah well. I do want to read yours though, since it will be interesting to see what you did with the requirements. I did not like the thought of a baby getting eaten, so yeah I changed it... that was just too much. It was great chatting with you as well and I am glad you liked my entry, I promise I'll review for you when I do read yours which should be soon.

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Reviewer: Greg (Signed)
06/23/2005 09:36 am
Very good. Amazing that you manage to put everything in a one-shot, which is well-written and tend to be clearly on the funny side, even if there are some small bits of angst...

Author's Response: *blushes* Thank you! I think balance is good, well I strive for it in my life and in my writing. Too much of any one thing (like angst, romance or humor) and the story appeals less, so there you are. Anyway, I am glad you liked it!

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Reviewer: Rdprice29 (Anonymous)
06/22/2005 08:51 pm
That was very sweet! The Harry/Ginny part, not the dragons/dementors destroying London part! :-) And Hagrid gender-bending poor Norbert! LMAO!!! Great job, I really enjoyed it! Rachael

Author's Response: *grins*  yeah, poor Norbert... I had a ton of fun writing this one, I can assure you ;-)  Thanks Rach!!

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Reviewer: amblewat (Signed)
06/22/2005 08:43 pm
this was wonderful! Great job

Author's Response: Thank you!! :-)

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