Reviews For Why You Were Born

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Reviewer: Lionel (Signed)
10/09/2012 05:10 am
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Chapter 1
Reviewer: pottermagic (Anonymous)
03/31/2008 06:07 pm
That was an incredibly sad but at the same time,moving story.  I am sure there is a lesson there for all of us, make the most of what you've got, because you surely don't want regrets in the future. Regrets which, for little Will, could have destroyed Ginny.  Aren't children amazing teachers?

Chapter 1
Reviewer: Spiderwort (Signed)
05/18/2006 05:57 pm

I like this.  It's a tad long (I'd have liked it to end after the father-daughter talk) and the mixing of verb tenses don't always work (it's soooo hard to write in the present), but you've captured teen rage and the way it really is to care for a baby perfectly--tedious and time-consuming with the occasional heart-tugging reward.

I especially like the way you showed the deaths with the hands of the clock falling off--brilliant.

Author's Response:

I have to preface this response and if you ever do read it, let me know because I would love to have a discussion with you about it.  This is going to sound snooty and I have no idea how to make it not sound that way and it isn't what I intend... it just is.  Does that make any sense?

 I write for myself and this was very emotional for me to write, because it was coming from a lot of RL experiences.  I work with teenagers and one in particular is giving me fits.  So I wrote from that to get out a lot of my frustration but when I got to a natural conclusion, the discusion with Arthur, I wouldn't stop.  I needed more happy moments or I would have felt like crap.  Since I write for myself (and I never cared about winning the challenge) I kept going until I came to a conclusion that left me feeling good.  So yes, it was long, but I felt great so... yeah :-)  Snooty-ness #1

 Please also understand that I do love critism and any way to make my stories better... I don't often get them so when I do I take them really into consideration... that being said, I write in first person, present tense for Ginny every day for an RPG (see my profile).  I have been doing so for about 8 months now and I am very accomplished at it.  Actually, I can't seem to write in past tense anymore.  I have to practise it before I attempt anything.  When I read past tense stuff it seems odd and I'm thinking that might be what is going on for you.  I was very intensional with every tense switch.  I went through the whole thing with a friend who is an English teacher and explained everything, or corrected things that I made mistakes on.  I hope that makes sense and doesn't sound witchy or anything :-/  It is very possible that we both missed things and that there are mistakes!  No on is perfect afterall.  If it does sound witchy then I am truly sorry and just know that it isn't my intention but I did think about what you said a lot!  And again, if I'm missing something I want to talk to you about it.  Email me or get ahold of me through a messanger any time. :-)

 The baby care stuff comes a lot from being a full time mom and some of those emotions come out that way, although I don't lose my patience like I had Ginny do.  I am not 16 after all ;-)  The clock bit I had as something else and my beta said, "That sucks, redo it" so I came up with them falling off which just made more sense and more of an impact.  I am glad you liked that part.

 So really... I do want to discuss this with you and thank you for putting thought into your review!!  I really appreciate that!

Chapter 1
Reviewer: cts (Signed)
05/09/2006 10:16 pm

Very well done.  I haven't read a lot of Ginny in the first person and the emotions certainly fit how a sixteen year old would feel having such a big responsibility dumped on them. 

Good luck!


Author's Response: *gasp*  I might die... you actually reviewed!! ;-)  hehe, sorry I have to tease you.  Thank you for the review and the compliment.  I am quite please with it too.

Chapter 1
Reviewer: WiCkEd (Signed)
05/05/2006 05:26 pm
I really liked this -- a bit of a coming-of-age tale, eh? It was sad, happy, more sad, and more happy. I liked that it was in first person so we felt Ginny's emotions first hand and I really loved the first line... anyway, great job! congrats on another great story!

Author's Response: Thank you!  I felt that this story in first person would be more powerful than any other way, like you're along for the ride.  I am glad you liked it and thank you for the review!

Chapter 1
Reviewer: MuggleMomma (Anonymous)
05/04/2006 08:18 pm
An interesting look at Ginny's coming-of-age.  I can only imagine her regrets upon losing so many in her family so suddenly, and after she had been through such a hard time.  Great job, and good luck!

Author's Response: And the winner is... *grins*  Sorry but I have to say it.  Thanks Trish and I like interesting, which can translate to "what the heck were you thinking?!" cause I've done Ginny to death and it was time for something new.  :-)

Chapter 1
Reviewer: XxXCrookshanksXxXP3 (Signed)
04/26/2006 12:24 pm

Author's Response: Thank you!

Chapter 1
Reviewer: AmericanStreetWitch (Signed)
04/22/2006 11:21 pm
okay can't really write a great, terrific review because no other words can come to me. of course, i'm trying to type while wiping away tears. this was a fantastic one shot and i think you captured Ginny perfectly. I only wish I could write half as well.

Author's Response: Thank you and I have a lot of practice!  I write Ginny all the time and I'm constantly playing around with her in my head, plus I have great people telling me "try this".  I am so glad you enjoyed it so much and thank you for letting me know!  This is a fantastic review! :-)

Chapter 1
Reviewer: Oomahey (Anonymous)
04/22/2006 11:13 pm
Awesome story, YWG. Ginny's frustration in being put into the situation has been well brought out. And Will is cute. :D And her maturing......"I figured out the secret to why you were born." I guess it is time I figured out why I was born.....*ponders* :D

Author's Response: *pats Sunil's head* thank you!  See!!  Was that so difficult?! *giggles*

Chapter 1
Reviewer: HermioneWeasley1972 (Anonymous)
04/21/2006 10:34 am
Aww, I love this. You made me cry. :(

Author's Response:

I'm almost sorry... *grins*

Chapter 1
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