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Reviewer: Sparkle006 (Signed)
04/03/2007 03:50 pm

This is was a gr8 story!!!!!!!!!! I LOVED IT!!!!!!!

Thanx 4 makin this wonderful story!!!!!!

x x x

Chapter 18
Reviewer: kristinsk (Anonymous)
03/29/2007 12:44 pm

It would be a lie to tell you that I didn't like it or did but only little. I must truly congratulate you as you've done excellent job. The story is intriguing and more so.

Chapter 6
Reviewer: Venus725 (Anonymous)
05/03/2006 01:12 pm

Oh, goodness.  You've made me tear up in the middle of my class that I so blissfully ignored, thank you. 

This story was brilliantly done, might I add.  Brilliant in that you didn't need a huge plot concerning other characters, all you needed was the truth about the two principals and that, in itself, is more satisfying.  This "ship" is usually only considered possible by a series of events, but your series of events was, as I previously mentioned, only fact.  And it makes this story that much better, because it's true.
It's believably true.

Not to mention you've got a fantastic way with words, but the best compliment I could give you and will give you because it's also undeniably true is that you have these two characters pegged, exactly as they are and how they were meant to be, whether they truly end up together or not.

So, well done.  You'd have done J.K. proud, I think.  I certainly look up to you myself.

- Venus725 - 

Chapter 18
Reviewer: Venus725 (Anonymous)
05/03/2006 01:04 pm
Aw, man!  You're leaving it till the very end, aren't you?  *Grins* That's how I know you're really that good.

Chapter 17
Reviewer: Venus725 (Anonymous)
05/03/2006 01:00 pm
Bloody hell.

Chapter 16
Reviewer: Venus725 (Anonymous)
05/03/2006 12:56 pm
My bloody god, this is very, very good.

Chapter 15
Reviewer: Venus725 (Anonymous)
05/03/2006 12:53 pm
Oh, my, goodness...

Chapter 14
Reviewer: Venus725 (Anonymous)
05/03/2006 12:48 pm
Whoa....Still fantastic.

Chapter 13
Reviewer: Venus725 (Anonymous)
05/03/2006 12:45 pm

Chapter 12
Reviewer: Venus725 (Anonymous)
05/03/2006 12:42 pm
Oh boy.  Certainly glad this thing is finished, to be honest, that way I'm able to finish it.

Chapter 11
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