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Reviewer: Phalaysheo (Anonymous)
04/30/2006 09:00 pm
I feel bad for poor Draco, to "fall" so low and have everyone leave and betray him. I think it's an incredible feat for an author to make the villian likeable, and you've accomplished it very well, so you get some kudos for that, and a great big round of Huzzah, huzzah, huzzah!

Draco has some real anger issues, but then again, who wouldn't, lol...and when you wrote that part about him tearing his clothes out of the drawers, I thought you were saying he was tearing his clothes OFF! lol!

Draco's memory/vision thingy was really great! it kind of reminded me of that corny stuff you see in the ,ovies or on T.V, but yours wasn't corny, it came off really sweet. You know how Harry always sees his parents? Maybe soemday Draco could see Narcissa's ghost for a moment or two? Maybe...

I don't think it matters that it wasn't action-filled, lol. I think you wrote exceptionally powerful emotional scenes as well.

I liked Hermione's point of veiw best of all. Kind of gives an aside veiw from the main point. I like this line: "Was Draco to be used like this at every twist and turn? His entire life being thrown over so that everyone else could be happy?"

Hermoine's dream was really powerful and slightly scary too, lol. I really liked it. Once again, I like how you've demonstrated the cruelness of that dingbat Lucius Malfoy...

I think you're an amazing writer, with a wicked good talent for using words the way you want to, and making them sound great. I wish I could do that half as good as you.

It never occured to me to wonder where his broom went, but you seem to be making a point of it, as does everyone else, so now my curiosity is piqued! You HAVE to update soon, so I can find out what is so special and important about the broom, and where the bloody hell it went!

Emotional Ties
Reviewer: jellybeanbaby26 (Signed)
04/30/2006 12:21 pm
uh oh!! thats not good!! i hope hes okay! and slytherins are really mean too >:( keep up the good work!

Reviewer: Phalaysheo (Signed)
04/30/2006 02:36 am

Great chapter amanda. i hope you wrote more. you're my favorite.

 love cindy


Reviewer: Phalaysheo (Signed)
04/30/2006 02:34 am


On His Own
Reviewer: Phalaysheo (Signed)
04/30/2006 02:34 am

Oh green silk pajamas? Cool. Wicked awesome story, I really loved all of it. Keep writing those chapters, because it makes me happy! :D

Reviewer: Phalaysheo (Signed)
04/30/2006 02:30 am

Hey, wicked awesome story! I read it all the way through, lol...Here's hoping you write lots more soon! I especially liked how Draco and Hermione and getting along...let's hope for more love stuff soon! ;)

I really want to can that bastard Lucius! What an idiot!

I like how the relationship between Harry and Draco is coming along. Though I do wonder why the kids aren't teasing a little bit more...hmm, must be because Draco's such a sex god! ;)

Update soon, cuase I want to know how Harry and Ron are coming along (friendship-wise, you sicko!), and Draco and Hermione, cause Hermione is my favorite, and I like Draco better as a Potter, you did a good job writing him noce. I think he was the best! KUDOS!

Growing Closer
Reviewer: Phalaysheo (Anonymous)
04/30/2006 02:24 am
Whoo hoo! I FINALLY get to read this! I'm SO EXCITED!

No, Harry was pretty much lied to. Stupid people. They should have told him. Should have told both of them!'s time to crack down!

I think it would prove rather interesting for the boys to both be animaguses. Are you actually going to write about the War in this story? That would be so wicked! You know how I enjoy your fight scenes!

LOL, I don't think it would do Harry much good to be a water-bound animal, then he would have to stay in the water, and that wouldn't turn out so well while trying to fight Voldemort, fishy fishy fishy!

It's interesting how easily Harry forgave Draco for everything in the beginning...I don't think it would really happen, but this is a story, so you can do whatever,, the story would go nowhere if he hadn't, lol! And I guess Harry took the time to get to know Draco, so he could understand...

I can see some major pshycological problems in Dracos future years, lol...

You wrote a really great emotional scene with Draco, when he's trying not to cry, and Hermione comes to comfort him. I really liked that part. It was well written and conveyed a lot of emotion...I think I already said that, lol, but that's because it's doubly-so!

Would wizards wear boxers? I guess so...

Is it just me, or would a Harry Potter sex scene seem just WRONG? I still imagine them as 11, lol...

LOL! Harry pulled Dracos hair to wake him up! how mature...

FINALLY, the Quidditch match we've all been waiting for! Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah! And as always, you write a damn good action sequence! (that's what they're called, I looked it up...okay, I didn't, but it is what they're called!)

"Chasing after the large balls were Crabbe and Peakes." - Need I even say anything?

I think that Draco saving Blaise was a good way of pointing out just how much his good side had surfaced, and how caring he really was.

YES! You took my suggestion...or probably just decided on your own, but still, I did suggest let Gryffindor win. That should give the Slytherins lots of ammo against Draco, not that they need any more. At least he doesn't feel bad about losing the game, that would be tragic...ish...

Nice! I like how you described the way he became the bird...kind of reminds me of those books I used to read...Animorphs...except yours was in a good way, lol, don't get offended.

Cool. I like how his scream was an eagle screech. I hope Harry's animagus form shows up soon. Make sure you update quickly. This one's my favorite story!

Reviewer: jellybeanbaby26 (Signed)
04/28/2006 10:06 pm
yay!! that was fast!! i like it when you update fast!! so this is like an amazing story!! i cant wait for more!! keep up the good work!

Reviewer: Zayne (Signed)
04/28/2006 05:16 pm
Oh my! Poor Harry and Draco and 'Mione... I could kill Skeeter, really! Excellent chapter, I look forward to more :) 

Reviewer: mskairijade (Signed)
04/28/2006 04:21 pm
i liked it! it was a good chapter, cant wait to see what happens next!

Growing Closer
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