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Reviewer: Phalaysheo (Signed)
06/21/2006 02:43 am
"Draco woke up to the crisp, warm breeze playing over his bare chest. Hearing a soft moan" - I LOVE IT! Great mental images here!
I like Draco's very first scene, where he's waking up, it's all very tender and sweet. I can tell that he loves Hermione here. It's really nice.
I'll tell you who's next to die for Draco! SNAPE! HAHA! BURN IN HELL SNAPE! btw- is Filch coming into the story at any time?
Draco's such an EMO! lol..I'm just saying, he's always hurting himself and having rage fits and stuff...okay, so not really emo, I just wanted to accuse him of being something that amused me!
Whoa, okay..finally I almost get a sex scene, and then STUPID HARRY has to ruin it! IDIOT! But that's okay, they're a little young for intercourse anyway, dontcha think? That would have really sucked if they had gone futher when Harry walked in, although I'm sure he knew what was going on by the way they reacted when he walked in. It's kind of funny. Wicked Awesome approved!
So Lupin saw them "sleeping" together, hey? Hmm...I know what'll be happening in Lupin's bathroom later tonight!
It's too bad that Hermione and Draco have to feel so uncomfortable. Just feel good about it. Love is supposed to be like that, not uncomfortable. Plus, Draco's a handsome manboy, it's all good!
I liked Mrs. Weasley, she was very much in character, and oh so very motherly.
YAY! Hagrid! I hope he appears soon too! I take it he will be...?
It's always worse when they're's too bad, but I like that it was pointed out that the boys were important, not just beacuse of the Prophecy, but because she truly cares for them. It's like the Prophecy doesn't even matter to her. It's nice for the boys to have that one adult person who cares for them in that manner, in that role.
Hermione and Ron on the bed...seems to me that Hermione's in everybody's bed around Hogwarts...I never knew she was so LOOSE!
"Hey Mione, you look like you've had a good roll in the hay with Draco" - That is SO ULTIMATE! *mutters under breath 'Draco and every other boy around'*
I really like that there's comedic relief. It's a major point every story should have...even if it's something hardcore, like The English Patiant...or The Bible, or whatever.
Hermione should be able to tell who's voice it is, after all, it does belong to one of her best girl friends...GINNY WEASLEY!
"Hogwarts; A History - Extended Collectors Edition" - I SO KNEW IT! Hermione, Hermione, Hermione...that's oddly enough...why we all love her...except for the haters...of which I am sure there are few.
So, if Hermione got to take her books, how come Ron couldn't grab a souvenir...perhaps a jar of sweets?
Oh geez...and she grabbed books for the boys thrilling...why does Lucius have Animagus books? Does he have an inner slug? No, wait, that's just him. He reminds me of this guy I know, also a slug...his name's Rick, but anyway, that's not important, and neither is Rick, back to the story!
LOL! Oh I got the pun! He learned first hand when the bee stung him! I bet you didn't mean that to be punny, but it was! Good thing he wasn't allegic...or naked...
I like Narcissa. I wouldn't mind if she had been my mom. She was a good mother, she really taught Draco the important things.
Aw, that's really sweet. I love when parents put their own children into the fairy tales, and Draco's princess is totally a foreshadowing of Hermione...but he has to be SUCH a boy and want to fend of a dragon for her...*rolls eyes* boys...can't live with them...yeah...that's about it. Dragons are pretty cool though. Just ask Hagrid, he'll tell you.
"End of story" - WHAT? You can't just end it there! THAT'S INSANE! Oh, could I be so silly? I still have 8 million words left to read!
I see you've made Hermione wear green, like much of your other readers have suggested...oh well, you've got to please them as well I guess. Red's still the best colour out there though! REMEMBER THAT!
Dontcha just hate it when you go to the Halloween BAll, dressed as something you think is Umber Cool, but them somebody shows up looking all beautiful, and Cinderella storylike? Then you feel REALLY stupid for going as a pumpkin patch or a giant wart!
Draco and Hermione's costumes match perfectly! It's awesome! They could have planned it better!
With all the bling Hermione's got on, she's going to be MUGGED, straight up, I ain't a trippin' boo!
I like the ball-dance, it sounds very well decorated, you've done a great job describing it! It sounds better than my very own grad dance! (lol...ah duh!)
I SO CALLED IT! LUNA FREAKIN' LOVEGOOD - Harry's one true love! I knew it!
You'd think there'd be some backlash against Harry going as Godric gryffindor..the Slytherins couldn't have liked that too much! oh well, I like the idea, it was really original. Great thinking, Amanda!
ALL HAIL THE MACARENA! YES! I loved it! Ron doing the Macarena, this should keep me in high spirits for a little while!
"just until you're incredibly tired and completely unaware of what was happening. So you'd ravage me without thinking twice." - This chapter is so unbelievably SEXUAL! You wrote it especially for me didn't you? Didn't you? Come on now, I know your game!
I like how Harry and Luna are getting along, hopefully there will be lots of romance in store for those two. People will probably dislike some of your decisions...considering Harry and Luna, and especially Ginny...but ignore them, they're stupid anyway!
The songs, although I don't really read much of them, really match to the moment of what's happening, it's pretty awesome! Great job! It's like, totally songfic, but deliciously good! Even though, once again, I don't really read the lyrics after the first two or three, lol...maybe I should be...anyway, I get the point, so that's good enough, right? I came here to read your writing, not Faith Hill's! Who's Faith Hill anyway? NOBODY! She could never comapre to the amazingly talented Amanda _! I'd like to see her even TRY to write a Harry Potter fic even half as good!
WHERE THE STINKIN' F IS DUMBLEDOR! Ron shouldn't be drinking FIREWHISKEY! Now he's made a complete fool of himself, and unleashed his gay side - "oh Harry boy"* backs away slowly* I like what you've done with it though. Like I said earlier, comedic relief from all this "depressing" lovey-dovey $%&#
It's sad tat Draco will never know who the great and wonderful Hugh Hefner is now...serves him right for always pissing Hermione off! Speaking of pissing...I surely hope Ron did that...he really had to go...
I would have never expected these poor, sweet, innocent Hogwarts boys to be so dang HORNY!
I like how you've described this place they were transported sounds very spooky and ominous. Can't wait until the next chapter. I guess sex scenes are out of the question?
You've really started writing very long chapters. One one hand, it's very cool, on the other...actually, it's mainly cool!
I really liked this chapter, not as much as last chapter, but that's to be expected. Most awesome job, I give you high commending, and I can't wait for you to take over good ol' J.K's job!

*#*#*# Ready everybody? Let's do the WAL MART cheer! *#*#*#

The Hallowe'en Ball
Reviewer: XxXCrookshanksXxXP3 (Signed)
06/11/2006 03:48 pm

Ahh the ending is so sweet! Poor Blaise, bless him he was going o be good, and he died for Hermione, at first I thought Draco had ran in front of the curse... So sweet,


Breaking Into Malfoy Manor
Reviewer: Phalaysheo (Anonymous)
06/10/2006 05:01 pm
I KNEW IT! I BLOODY WELL KNEW IT! I KNEW BLAISE DIED! Score one for me, do I get a reward?

LOL! Voldemort and his Death Eaters on a ladder..of all the stupid things in the world, I've only seen one more stupid: a guy who kicked himself in the nuts. Anyhoo...

I love Ron in this story! "Hermione, do your smart thing" "If I drop you, I won't get my jersey." He's so...Ron! I love it!

It's kind of scary to think of House Elves driving! EPPS! But anyway, that's cool. And Draco has a point, I can't see him driving a station wagon or a Datsun (DATSUN!) there, lol...

Wait - I just thought of something - SHOULD THESE KIDS BE DRIVING!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Obviously Draco would be the only one to know how, besides maybe Hermione, but I doubt it...and remember Harry and Ron's little escapade in the 2nd year? This is all looking very ominous...

And BTW - Hermione is SO jealous of Draco's beautiful car!

I really, really like how Draco and Hermione are getting closer, all the little touches and glances, the loving words and affection, it's so sweet. I like it a lot, and I hope for Uber-Tons to come in the VERY near future!

Hm, Malfoy Manor - Draco's bedroom...I can think of about 50 thousand people who'd like to spend a bit of time there, and they're not gathering up his things, if you catch my drift...well, they might be "gathering up his things" ;)

Oi, that Haermione and Ronald, always argueing, I like how you've kept with the spirit!

"Malfoy Manor. Draco's bedroom," she yelled. "Bet that excited you," - YES! That's what I mean! You read me like a book! No, scratch that, you read me like I read one of your stories!
I love all of Narcissa's ornaments, they're SO COOL!

Okay, when will these HP kids learn their lesson: looking around and searching/snooping NEVER ENDS UP GOOD! Something troublesome always occurs!
Let me guess: Hermione took Hogwart's: A History...I know it! I just know it!

I love the way you've described the Malfoy Manor, it's so rich and comes to life so easily in my eyes. You did a totally awesome job with it!

NO COMMENT! NO FREAKING COMMENT for the episode with Ron and the sweets jar. NO FREAKIN' COMMENT!

Another thing I love is what you've done by cutting the points of view up, so we're always in suspense as we read through this, and we have troubles taking our eyes off of it to write something in our review. That deserves some Huzzah's, but I can't right now, because I have to get back to reading in a big hurry!

Ah, Lucius, Lucius, Lucius...I really like how well you've conveyed his cruelness, it's most excellent, as well as all the time and effort it took to research it all, spells and such. Bravo! Bravo!

Cool Beans, Harry and Draco are acting more and more like twins, with that connection of pain thing, which also carries true with the Profecy...if one dies, so does the other, which should have been obvious that if one is in extreme pain, so is the other. I think it was really important and good for you to put that in!

Tarantallegra - wicked awesome spell! I'll have to try it some day!

I like how much detail you've put into describing Bellatrix.
I can see where the next chapter's going already: Harry Potter and the visit to St. Mungo's.

YAY! Ron defeated Bellatrix! Score one for the good guys, which by the way, reminds me - it's kind of scary how good you are at writing the evilness of people.

OMFG! There's a tiger?!?!?!?!?! What next?!?!?!?! there's frickin' everything in this chapter! It's the ultimate! Hands down, the best one so far, I totally love it SO MUCH! If I could, I would...I don't know, but it would be great and honour-y, for this chapter, because it's my absolute favorite out of any chapter you've EVER written...EVER! And I still have fifty thousnad more words to read! AMAZING!

I bet Ginny's the Death Eater!

YAY! The return of Blaise! And he's GOOD! WOO HOO! I like Blaise!


WHAT THE @^@$&^$$&^&^%$%&&*^&@^*^*^%^% WAS THAT! Killing Blaise...pfftt! Well, at least it's better than Harry, Hermione, Ron, or Draco...

Maybe Blaise could come know, like Harry's parents do, and like I already suggested Narcissa do...maybe?

IN YOUR FACE STUPID PEOPLE! Professor Black is GOOD! And she's OBVIOUSLY not a Death Eater! HAHA! IN YO' FACE! I knew it all along, and I've always liked her. I know everything...well, almost, lol. I still have a few things I'm iffy about, but I have my probable guesses...

OH YEAH! SCORE! You'd think Harry would have more of a problem with Hermione sleeping with Draco...maybe in the morning when he's not so worn out...and Hermione, only wearing his jersey..yeah, the boy's going to get some ideas pretty quick..maybe the next chapter will have a sex scene? (hopefully)

I like the part you gave Blaise...I guess, lol. He saved Hermione, and that's awesome.

Okay, so I was wrong on one point, the next chapter will apparently be the Ball..well, that should be wonderful! I can't wait now!

*#*#*# Scary Movie 4 is some scary-ass $%*@ *#*#*#

Breaking Into Malfoy Manor
Reviewer: XxXCrookshanksXxXP3 (Signed)
06/05/2006 11:58 am
Awww, you left it on a cliff hanger!!!!!!!!!!!! You are evil!!!! Anyway please update soon!

New Family, Big Plan
Reviewer: XxXCrookshanksXxXP3 (Signed)
06/01/2006 05:25 pm
Do no tell me that she is going to turn out that Death Eater Lucius and Voldy were talking about!! Any way I was right... I said she was a long lost sister of James or friend of his!!!!!!!!! I love being right, LoL Can't wait for the next post!

Extended Family
Reviewer: Phalaysheo (Signed)
05/28/2006 08:54 pm
I think it was good to point out that Lucius wanted the noise to stop because it was giving him a headache, rather than trying to help them.

Wow, the scene with Voldemort and the Zabinis was really intense. I most assuredly commend you on it. It was slightly scary too, one of the best parts so far!

Harry and Draco are most assuredly the hottest twins at Hogwarts!

I think I maybe might have an idea as to whom the other spy is!

Ah, thank goodness the mystery of who Professor Height is has finally been revealed, and after many guesses, it's as I suspected, though I disregarded a lot of information I knew along the way. I'm a very bad detective : (

And everything we believed about Harry Potter is torn apart! Imagine now how it would feel for Draco and Harry...poor Draco and Harry! People really should stop keeping things from them. I hope this was the last one! You're writing an awfully doggone good mystery here! I'm always in suspense!

I think it's slightly funny that Draco's the one who says they can't just simply trust her, meanwhile, look how quickly they trusted him when it all could have been just a charade.

Well, I think that the boys will decide they can live with her. After all, she knew Sirius (that's an understatement!), and she's very nice, and wants to help them and get to know them. Plus, she's like, the only family they have left now. So, she's an adopted aunt, which means that Sirius was Harry's uncle too!

I like what you've done with this story. I know that it must be hard to have to create a Harry Potter world that you don't know very much about in the first place, and then to top it all off, you've added in a character, and changed characters, and they are still believable and likeable, so it's qiute a feat, and I really like and admire what you've written. it's absolutely FABULOUS!

*#*#*#*# Voldemort is a scary biatch! *#*#*#*#

Extended Family
Reviewer: Phalaysheo (Signed)
05/17/2006 01:10 pm
Holy freakin' Doo Dah! I had this all written up, then I was stupid, so now I have to do it all again! You'd better appreciate!

It frusterates me that Draco and HErmione are staying in that "just friends" mode, you both hae feelings for each other, you both should know it, so just admit it, and get it over with. Get together, and love each other, it's not that difficult. JUST DO IT! I've been saying that for the past eight billion reviews, so you should take my word as law and just frekain Doo Dah do it!

I love the emotional beginning in Draco's POV. It was most awesome. Especially paragraphs three and four, and this part: "His shattered heart, his broken self," was wicked great.

And I loved the part where Ron insults PAnsy, you should write more of that!

As well as the part where Professor Height threatens her students. I still think she's good, it's just awesoem that she knows that curse. I wish I could use a curse like that for children who don't listen. Just to scare them, that's all *nervous chuckle* I swear!

"on an inanimate nature disappear." - Did you mean "of an inanimate..."?

Ah, and the mystery of the broom begins to unravel. Trust HErmione to find the answers...I wonder who touched it now. Too bad that their plan didn't fall through. Get it? Fall through. Ahhahahahahaha!

Pkay, never mind. now I know who did it. Wow...Blaise...I would never have thought it'd be Blaise. I thought he was totally good. never saw it coming. Great work. That's the mark of a truly great suspense writer. Keep the readers in suspense until you want them to know the answer, then let them see it was the person they least expected, but you've laid the clues for it the whole time.

fraudulent - Excellent word, lol. I love when random "smart" words jump in!

O...hope the Halloween Dance scene is next..witht he dancing, and the love, and Harry's date...who I'm pretty sure with be Falesha, just kidding, that's just who I want it to be, lol. I have no idea who his date will be. I can't think of any other girls at Hogwarts besdies the Slytherin ones, and he wouldn't go for them, then there's Hermione, but she's obviously taken. Then there's Ginny and Cho, but you hate them, so...that leaves us with who? Moaning Myrtle?

o, is Professor Height related to James? Then she REALLY can't be Harry's date, lol..let's hope not, that would be gross (for her to be his date), although, to be related to him would be really cool, and also a huge cover- up...stupid idiotic Dumbledor and crew!

Great chapter. I really enjoyed it from start to finish (event hough I had to read parts of the beginning twice because of my mess up), it was wicked awesoem, and I give it 5 stars, two thumbs up, and a pair of fancy lace panties!

*#*#*#*# You and me baby ain't nothin' but mammals... *#*#*#*#

Confusion and Realization
Reviewer: mskairijade (not logged in) (Anonymous)
05/17/2006 02:15 am
omg you cant just end it there!! whats happening!! tell me woman!! lol **deep breath** ok ok i'm ok now.  wow that chapter was explosive, awesome work!! cant wait for the next chapter!!

Confusion and Realization
Reviewer: jellybeanbaby26 (Signed)
05/16/2006 08:13 pm
god i hate cliffhangers!!!! lol it must be because of all the season finales on tv that its really making me mad!! haha well i have to say im glad that draco and hermione are friends again!! now you are really mean.....come on making blaise betray draco!! you should be punished! lol but i wonder who harry is going with??? i hope its ginny you were talking about when you said that he'll go with the person hes been in love with for years! and please update soon! i wanna know how professor height knew sirius and lily and james really bad!!! keep up the good work! i missed the story!

Confusion and Realization
Reviewer: XxXCrookshanksXxXP3 (Signed)
05/16/2006 05:40 pm
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. You left it there. You left on a cliff hanger now you'll have to up date super fast

Confusion and Realization
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