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Reviewer: Luna (Anonymous)
04/02/2007 06:44 pm

Well, I must say, it was truly amusing. *grins* The ending is a classic. And YAY for killing Emmeline (even if she was already dead in the series)! So amusing how she kept survivng.

Oh, and: you better not write that much sappy romance within one chapter again. Please. *groans* *giggles* I loved the whole, "He stole my idea!" part, though... and TTWIBTVA killing itself? Great.

Have any ideas for next year? *grins* (And do nooot say what I think you will.)

Author's Response:

What do you think I'll say?

I was thinking that Harry could start up a relationship with Tonks. Dating Tonks is like dating everyone.  Hey, maybe Harry could make out with Ginny and Tonks-as-Ginny!

Hm... So many ideas... so long to wait... 

[Amulet of Stone] The Power of Love
Reviewer: Buttamellow (Signed)
03/20/2007 01:45 pm
Yep, I definitely convinced you to do it.  I'll admit it.  Still laughing.  I wonder what you're going to do on April 1st this year.  Hmmm?

Reviewer: Zayne (Signed)
05/07/2006 03:21 pm
Uh, woah. That was random, but great! *laughs* Why hedgehogs?

Reviewer: LunaMoon224 (Signed)
04/18/2006 01:12 pm
*looks at the author's note* I did not! *shakes head* But really, lovely outtake... *snickers* It's always those hedgehogs.... Hehe.

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