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Reviewer: Fiery Angel (Signed)
08/09/2006 12:17 am
a good beginning chapter! i look forward to reading more! :)

True Colours
Reviewer: jayley (Signed)
05/06/2006 08:40 pm
ooh, i hope harry finds info about the horcruxes soon!!! when will ron come around, i mean, he isn't even talking to hermione!!!

Down Memory Lane
Reviewer: jayley (signed) (Anonymous)
05/06/2006 08:11 pm
come one, why do all fics make ron act so stupid!! he was okay with them dating the first time!!! now i'll just wait for harry to save his life or something, i suppose...

Author's Response: Hey, Ron isn't angry with them for dating, otherwise he'd be talking to Hermione. You've missinterpreted what's wrong. He's angry at them for lying to him, deceiving him if you will. He thinks that they've been secretly dating again all summer, and that Hermione was told about it, but not him, which would really hurt him as Harry's best friend. He'd feel cheated and betrayed by his three closest companions, hence the over-reaction, it's not meant to be Ron acting stupid, just Ron acting as Ron, like in GoF. And no, he's not going to come back when Harry saves his life, but I'm not saying any more on that, you'll have to wait and see ...

Reviewer: mouchardchercheur (Signed)
04/24/2006 06:58 pm
Wow, this has potential to be a brilliant story!  From what I've read so far, it is a really plausible plotline and could easily be written by Ms Rowling!  I'm already looking forward to reading the rest!!

Author's Response: Thanks! I have been trying to keep this story as plausible as possible, so I havn't made up too much. Most of the material I used was in the books, although I had to take some liberties with Harry's coming of age. I hope you enjoy the rest of the story as much as the start, and that I don't disappoint your hopes. If there's anything you think I can improve, don't hesitate to tell me.

Coming of Age
Reviewer: blksumgrnday1109 (Anonymous)
04/16/2006 08:51 pm
really good story... this is the way i want the 7th book to pretty much start out so thanx for that and even though i haven't read the rest of the story, i hope you put some stuff in this story to make harry seem way more powerful because he has no way to beat voldie if he doesn't get more powerful

Author's Response: Thanks for the review, but I'm going to have to disappoint you (sorry!). I'm going to try and have Harry deal with Voldie with no new powers, nor any new major characters. I see HBP as being the 1st half of the final book, so there aren't going to be any radical additions to the plot in this fanfic, as I'm trying to keep it as close to canon as possible. I have made up a few spells (because there are nowhere near enough complex spells mentioned so far), but that's about it. I'm sorry, but if you're looking for a power-Harry fic, you're looking at the wrong story. 

True Colours
Reviewer: Golden_Snitch (Signed)
04/15/2006 05:44 pm
Are you the same rifraf from MSN "TheWritersBlock01" Hi if you are, just ignore me if you're not!

Author's Response: Yeah, I am. Hi to you too!

True Colours
Reviewer: Zayne (Signed)
04/15/2006 11:48 am
Very interesting, I definitely look forward to seeing what comes next! I also love the Voldy action- great job!

Author's Response: Thanks Zayne, I was pretty surprised that I'd already got a review. I couldn't believe how fast that was! Anyway, I posting the rest of the chapters right now, there are 21 so far, and I hope to add no.22 soon. Anyway, enjoy!

True Colours
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