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Reviewer: Fiery Angel (Signed)
02/02/2007 02:49 pm
and once again another good chapter im very curious to see what he finds in those vaults so its onto the next chapter for me lol

Author's Response:

Hello again Fiery Angel, it's been a long time! I have to say, I haven't been on this site in quite a while, which is why I haven't been replying - sorry. Thanks for all the reviewing, I'm glad you're enjoying the story. It's difficult to express how it feels to have someone review your story again and again. Usually people (including myself, I'm ashamed to say) just read the whole thing and write a review at the end, so thank you again.

Unfortunately, I'm very busy at the moment, being in second year at university, and with some extra-curricular activities, so I haven't and won't have time to update for quite a while. I doubt I'll have much time this year to write, and will have to put in on hold indefinitely, but maybe I'll be able to add a chapter even now and again - I just don't know ... I suppose I'm telling you this so you don't get to the end of what I've written, and wonder why I haven't updated in so long.

Anyway, gone off at quite the tangent there, I only came on to thank you for the reviewing! So thanks (again!), and I hope you enjoy the rest of the chapters as much as you seem to have enjoyed the first few. Best regards,


Reviewer: Fiery Angel (Signed)
02/02/2007 02:37 pm
another very good story somehow i just knew harry would end up with dumbledores pensieve i cant wait to see what his letter says!

The Will Reading
Reviewer: Fiery Angel (Signed)
02/02/2007 02:17 pm
once again a great chapter! this story flows so well! its jsut great i have to go read more now!! lol im so glad more is already posted!

Auror Headquarters
Reviewer: Fiery Angel (Signed)
02/02/2007 02:08 pm
wohooooo pettigrew is caught!! i still wish they had stomped him roflolol!!!!!!!! another good update i really like this story you are keeping my interesting wonderfully!

Scabbers Found
Reviewer: Fiery Angel (Signed)
02/02/2007 01:42 pm

sorry it has taken me so long to getback here and read and review this story! my comp died out and i had to get a new one and then i culdnt find the site back again life has been crazy lol but finally ive got my new comp found the site and go back into teh story!

this was another great chapter....i feel so badly for harry everything bad always happens to him im gla dhermone was there for him! cant wait to read more so im off to the next chappie! i saw that there is quite a few for me to catcdh up on! i cant wait!! 

Letters and Parcels
Reviewer: Fiery Angel (Signed)
08/27/2006 10:47 am
another good chapter! i hope someone see's wormtail in his lil rat form and stomps him! lol

Author's Response: Well it's funny you should say that considering you haven't read the next few chapters ... but I'm not going to ruin the surprise for you! :P

Where is Potter
Reviewer: Fiery Angel (Signed)
08/27/2006 10:31 am
another very good chapter! cant wait to read more you are doing a very good job with this!!!!

Coming of Age
Reviewer: jayley (Anonymous)
08/26/2006 02:56 pm
i'm still with ginny on that.

Author's Response: So am I, but who ever said Harry had to right all the time?! Remember how he forgave Ron immediately in GoF even though Ron had been very hostile towards him until the First Task? Harry has a very forgiving nature when it comes to his friends and people he respects, it's only his enemies that should really worry about that temper of his ...

Reconciliation and Consolidation
Reviewer: miss_songbreeze (Anonymous)
08/14/2006 10:16 pm
OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!! You ended a chapter like that!?!?!?!?!?!? You HAVE to update!!!!! I love this!

Author's Response: Lol, I can end a chapter like that, and I did! :P I'm working on the next chapter as I type, I hope you enjoy it as much as the last few. Happy reading!

Ferret Abound
Reviewer: jayley (Anonymous)
08/09/2006 12:42 am
i would not be happy at all that hermione had done that. it's a tad b*t*hy; a pillow is different, and i can't believe she actually knocked him unconcious....hope she feels super horrible! is the next chapter gonna be more kinda funny stuff or is it gonna get serious?

Author's Response: hmm, i haven't got that far into the next chapter, but i think it'll end up being a bit of both, funny and serious, if i can manage it. i hope you'd realise that hermione did not intend to knock him unconscious, and that it was only a result of him turning his head in mid-air, and her over-enthustiastic desire to teach him a lesson. knowing hermione, she will feel horrible after this, and madam pomfrey will not be best pleased either ...! anyway, i hope you enjoyed the chapter, and i hope to be able to update sometime next week. best regards, rifraf

Ferret Abound
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