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Reviewer: marisa (Anonymous)
06/02/2006 10:45 pm

your stories are awesome. update soon.

The Prisoner
Reviewer: cogster (Signed)
05/20/2006 12:55 am
Man, just finished the first story and moved to this. You need to update it =( Some of the best fiction work out there.

The Prisoner
Reviewer: Nikki (Anonymous)
05/05/2006 04:55 pm

Okay, wow lots of things to say now. I'm not all sure where this is coming from. I'm very slow on all these uptakes. Okay so I'm assuming that this is supposed to be the...7th or 8th setting of the books. I do have to say, its written quite well though. Some tiny mistakes such as, sudden use of name, while using an un-identified carachter. (ex: He was only dangerous to his enemies. Harry smiled.) At first I thought the man, and Harry were two different carachters. You also mentioned something along the lines of,  "he and his friends had arrived 3 days ago" or something like that. But  you didnt mention who. I was quite surprised with the uses of new carachters and also-there was no introduction. I really do love your way of writing and the ideas are great. Even Harry's carachter I liked. I didnt want him to be all San about everything happening. His use of anger is used well. But i'm still very confused. So here are some questions. 

1. What year is this set in (to make sure)
2. Why is Dumbledore still alive?
3. Where do all these new carachters come from
4. And what's happened at the Malfoy Manor.
5. Whats the story with Snape?

 This might be a part of just of your series but I'm getting confused because I didnt see any prologue. Oh and by the way-I loved the way you introduced the story. The start was quite catchy! Please dont take anyting i said in offence for this is my first reviewing experience on this site! Also im not sure if you can contact me, so my email is . It would be good if you could straighten things out with the story? Thanks!

The Prisoner
Reviewer: ladylarna (Signed)
04/15/2006 01:08 pm
I think I've read this before... it's ringing mental bells. But in any case, this is really good and I definitely can't wait for more. Marvelous writing!

The Prisoner
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