Reviews For For Duty and Honor

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Reviewer: Chaser (Signed)
05/31/2006 08:25 pm
Excellent story.  I haven't been a Snape fan in the past, but I've really enjoyed him here!

Author's Response: Thank you!  I'm glad you're enjoying this little story.

Chapter 9: Parvulus
Reviewer: ladylarna (Signed)
05/31/2006 06:27 pm
Ooh, good chapter, and I'm sure the next one will be fantastic as well. One thing that caught my eye: “Harry needs us here, not in Azkaban or dead.” I did a double take when I saw that you gave that line to Sirius, because I have seen almost that selfsame line given to Remus in soooooooo many fics. So it was interesting that you picked up on different facets of their personalities and crafted unique versions of the characters to suit your story. Nicely done.

Author's Response: If you remember the last chapter, Harry told Sirius not to go confront the Dursleys because he'd end up back in Azkaban.  :) Sirius knows that if Remus is identified, he'll be put down by the ministry as a dangerous creature and he doesn't want that to happen, either.  Most fics have Remus on an even keel.  While I agree that he is that way most of the time out of necissity, I don't think that he's always that way.  Wolves tend to be rather protective of their young, after all, and part of Remus is wolf...

Chapter 9: Parvulus
Reviewer: ladylarna (Signed)
05/25/2006 10:32 pm

Brilliant chapter... I loved the beginning conversation with Sirius in particular, although I wouldn't have complained if you'd made it a bit longer and more in depth, haha. :) I like that you've kept Snape and Harry sort of at odds, to keep this seeming realistic. Your work balancing the characters is admirable.

Thanks for this, and do take care!

Author's Response: I hope I can keep the balancing act going.  Snape and Harry aren't automatically begin to get along and like eachother.  I think that's rather too unrealistic.  :)

Chapter 8: Defessus Vita
Reviewer: applesollie (Signed)
05/15/2006 04:55 pm
He is such a softie, Severus...Brings a lump to me throat. Its a good story.

Author's Response: Softie?  Hm.  We'll see.

Chapter 7: Veritas et Deceptio
Reviewer: marisa (Anonymous)
05/12/2006 05:50 pm
update ASAP!!!! this is completely awesome:):):):):) i *heart* snape

Author's Response: Glad you like it! :)

Chapter 7: Veritas et Deceptio
Reviewer: applesollie (Signed)
05/04/2006 06:03 am
Those Weasley boys, make good mother Hens, so do the Maurauders I bet....Pranking must need a bit of nurturing.

Author's Response: The Weasleys do protect their own, and they consider Harry to be theirs.  It's natural, I think.

Chapter 6: Congressus
Reviewer: applesollie (Signed)
04/28/2006 12:42 pm
The Hogwarts professors are on the prowl...Snapes a Marauder?

Author's Response: Nope.  But he's not adverse to taking revenge however and whereever he can get it.

Chapter 5: Animadverto
Reviewer: applesollie (Signed)
04/28/2006 12:36 pm
Nice touch with Ron, showed him as he really is.

Author's Response: Thank you! 

Chapter 4: Eventus
Reviewer: applesollie (Signed)
04/28/2006 12:23 pm
Severus is becoming a softie?

Author's Response: Nah.  This is Severus we're talking about.  He's not going to change too much.

Chapter 3: Discenda et Culpa
Reviewer: applesollie (Signed)
04/28/2006 12:16 pm
The anger is good and healthy for Harry. But the hurt and pain still needs to come.

Author's Response: Oh, it will.  Make no mistake about it.

Chapter 2: Percunctor
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