Reviews For For Duty and Honor

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Reviewer: Depper (Anonymous)
10/20/2006 10:13 pm
Suh....weet story!!! I just love these Harry-being-abused-by-the-Dursley's-and-Snape-finds-out-with-Legilimency stories!!!! Don't let me down lol

Author's Response: Thank you!

Chapter 1: Orsa
Reviewer: Konrad (Signed)
10/08/2006 03:41 pm
Well, I think this is one of the better stories trying to dig in the past of Severus Snape and his character. Nice work! I enjoyed reading this, even though the general theme was a bit erm less than pleasant.

Author's Response: Thank you!  Yeah, I know people are less than comfortable with the subject of child abuse.  Unfortunately, you can't have a Harry-is-rescued-from-the-Dursleys story without it.  It's canon fact that Harry is an abused child, and it's not something that I can ignore.

Chapter 1: Orsa
Reviewer: MarauderQueen (Signed)
10/01/2006 12:51 am

Please update soon!!! I want to find out what happens next!!!

Author's Response: I should be updating in ten-twelve days.

Chapter 13: Opera Optima
Reviewer: applesollie (Signed)
09/19/2006 09:36 pm
I hope Draco seeing Snapes memory helps...

Author's Response: Doubt it.  Draco is spoiled and stubborn.

Chapter 13: Opera Optima
Reviewer: Lesa (Signed)
07/09/2006 03:13 pm
It's good.  I'm normally not one for the 'Snape-rescues-Harry' type, but yours it makes sense.  Neither are precisely happy about it, but know that over all, it's for the best.  Too bad Sirius had to die anyway...:(  Oh well.

Author's Response:

You're right, this one does.  I started wondering why Snape hadn't noticed anything amiss in Harry's head during Occulmency lessons.  I mean, the man was a spy for heaven's sake!  He's supposed to notice these things.  Add to that his teaching duties, and the reporting laws covering teachers (at least in the Muggle world), and I had something a little different.

Most 'Snape-rescues-Harry' stories are set during the summer.  While it is a bit satisfying, I suppose, to catch the Dursleys in the act, it's much more plausible for it to be discovered during the school year.

 Part of me is sorry for doing Sirius in, but I've had time to accept his 'death' in OotP.  I think what annoyed me the most in the original was the ambiguous nature of it.  So when I decided that he had to die in my version, I made it a definite death.  Yeah, he's dead, but at least he didn't slip behind a ruddy curtain this time, and there's no chance of him mysteriously reappearing alive!

Anyway, I'm glad you're enjoying this story, and I hope you continue to. 

Chapter 12: Memento Mori
Reviewer: KenF (Anonymous)
07/08/2006 11:50 am
I just started reading this one.  I like the way you've managed to weave your own story while managing to hit the main points of OotP.

Author's Response: Thank you!  Most of the major and minor things from OoTP happened in this, I just didn't rehash them.  The only thing I regret leaving out is Peeve's chasing Umbridge out of Hogwarts with Professor McGonagall's walking stick...

Chapter 12: Memento Mori
Reviewer: KenF (Anonymous)
07/08/2006 10:32 am
Great prank by the twins.

Author's Response: Thanks!

Chapter 7: Veritas et Deceptio
Reviewer: applesollie (Signed)
07/07/2006 05:31 am
Hey what happens to the Malfoy and Voldie factor.

Author's Response: Keep reading. <eg>

Chapter 12: Memento Mori
Reviewer: ladylarna (Signed)
07/07/2006 03:23 am
The end observation about girls being weird felt out of place, given the emotional depth of the rest of the chapter. Still, I loved it all and it was very well-written. Keep it up.

Author's Response: I can't control Ginny.  I tried, really I did.  It just didn't work.  And with Harry being who he is, he'd have to be smacked upside the head with a brick, then informed what said brick is before he'd get it.  I promise that Harry's grieving isn't over with this one chapter. Just as with the abuse issue, it will continue to surface from time to time.

Chapter 12: Memento Mori
Reviewer: Lady of the Dragon (Signed)
07/07/2006 01:57 am
PS: Tell Sev that I love him anyway, and that no matter what he sais, I _know_ he's soft and mushy inside. *smile*

Author's Response: LOL.  His attitude towards Harry has softened considerably.  And, well,  their relationship has not yet finished evolving.

Chapter 12: Memento Mori
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