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Reviewer: ladylarna (Signed)
04/03/2006 06:47 pm

Aww, this fic is pretty cute so far! I'm usually not much for Lily/James stuff, but your characterizations of them are really great, and it's refreshing to see such a focus placed on dialouge. My favorite part of all three chapers was this line: “Well, none of you are any fun nowadays what with being in love, being a werewolf and being…well being Pettigrew…”

Haha! Such a fun line. Great job on this, and do keep it up! Rock on!

Author's Response:

Wow my first review from someone who doesn't have to review cos they're my friend!

 I'm actually really chuffed with what you've said considering you don't normally read L/J and the fact that you like the characterizations of them now is odd because I feel like I know them a lot better in what I'm writing now which is chapter 16. So hopefully they will improve as the story goes on.

 And the dialogue thing! I love dialogue. It's just great. So I' m glad you thought so too.

 And that it was funny. That is coool.

 Thank you so much for reviewing! Livs xxx

Stormy Weather
Reviewer: hattiepotter (Signed)
03/31/2006 05:55 am

YAAAAY FIRST REVIEW! I rule. And so does this story. Everyone in the very wide world of Potter fandom should read it, cos it's just tooooo great!

We love James and Lily. Oh yes we do. We love them more than anything ... achoo achoo achoo ...

Ok, so my song wasn't quite as good as yours, but ... it ... doesn't matter ...

I'm not great at this, so bye! Hat xxx

Author's Response: We. Rule. FACT.

Not Just A Girl
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